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Drone 360 August 2017

Drones already film our favorite movies, keep watch over our neighborhoods, and wage our distant wars. Someday, they might save our lives. Find out more about these versatile unmanned aerial vehicles in ALL-NEW Drone 360, including: • How UAVs are changing law enforcement and warfare. • Where and how high a drone can fly — and who makes the rules. • When it’s illegal to fly a drone over private property. • How UAVs might revolutionize emergency response. Order your copy today and take a closer look at this emerging technology!

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CHANGE SOMETIMES COMES AT YOU HARD ... and fast. For anyone who wasn’t keeping up with the court battle over the FAA hobby drone registration rule (aka the Taylor case), it must have seemed like a bolt from the blue when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the requirement. The decision even shocked many of us who have been keeping an eye on the case. It still remains to be seEn how the decision affects the real world, other than not having to worry about registering your drone anymore. But we can feel the effects of other changes more swiftly. For instance, since Jan. 20, 2017, there has been practically a complete regulatory freeze at the federal level. Specifically for us, that means that rules for flying drones in particular situations…

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hobbyist drone registration ruled unlawful

THE U.S. COURT OF APPEALS for the District of Columbia Circuit reached a ruling on the Taylor v. FAA case regarding hobbyist drone registration . The ruling, filed on May 19, determined that the FAA was outside its rights in enforcing a new rule requiring hobbyist drone operators to register their drones. As such, the D.C. Court of Appeals determined the requirement was unlawful and is no longer in effect — in what appears to be the first federal court ruling on drones. The ruling does not affect commercial drones. THE CASE In an effort to promote safety and accountability among drone operators, the FAA promulgated a rule in 2015. This rule, known as the Registration Rule, required drone hobbyists to register their aircraft through an online portal on the FAA’s website. But many…

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trump administration hopes to track and destroy drones

THE TRUMP administration has created a new draft bill to clear the way for counter-drone initiatives and technologies. Obtained by the New York Times, the draft outlines the potential for the federal government to monitor, track, seize, and destroy drones perceived to be threatening public safety and security. The draft bill would enable individuals designated by the head of a federal department or agency to interfere with the operation of drones “to evaluate whether [the drone] poses a threat to the safety or security” of covered facilities or operations. This would include medical evacuations, prisons, wildland firefighting, or law enforcement operations. If the draft bill gains traction, counter-drone technology companies like Droneshield and Dedrone stand to benefit immensely. But, as the proposed legislation explains, counter-drone measures currently face legal hurdles. “Some of the…

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parrot expands commercial drone offerings

PARROT, maker of popular and lovable consumer drones, is moving further into the commercial drone market. This news comes after its March announcement of the Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling bundle. The new offerings include the Disco-Pro AG and the Bebop-Pro Thermal. The Disco- Pro AG will use Parrot’s Sequoia multispectral sensor, and the Bebop-Pro Thermal will use FLIR infrared sensors. Parrot describes these items as “complete and multi-purpose decision-making tools designed for professionals.” The packages are designed as “all-in-one” solutions with moderate price points for “prosumer” customers in industries like agriculture, construction, and insurance. Chris Roberts, Parrot’s chief sales and marketing officer, says the Parrot Professional line is meant to cater to the needs of “small and medium enterprise businesses.” Parrot’s endeavors into commercial drones should come as no surprise, considering its acquisitions of…

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standing rock drone pilot found not guilty

VICTORY! That was the reaction from a Standing Rock drone pilot, and his supporters, who on May 26 was found not guilty on all three charges brought forth against him by the state of North Dakota. On Oct. 19, 2016, drone operator Aaron “Shawn” Turgeon (Prolific The Rapper) was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment (one was a felony) and one count of physical obstruction of a governmental function. He had been flying his drone during the ongoing protests at Standing Rock, which took place in Morton County North Dakota. Morton County law enforcement accused Turgeon of flying a drone at an airplane, over unprotected people, and above moving vehicles. But cell phone and drone footage helped Turgeon prove otherwise. “It’s a call for other judges here in Morton County to understand…

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elaine chao speaks at drone conference

IN AN ADDRESS to the Drone Focus Conference in Fargo, North Dakota, on May 31, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao spoke about drones and UAS integration in the U.S. Chao follows in the footsteps of Anthony Foxx, who laid a framework to integrate and regulate technologies like self-driving cars and drones. While Chao has made brief statements as to her views on drone tech, her speech at the Drone Focus Conference is the most in-depth look the industry has received as to what effect she will have on drone integration. She cited the recently announced fiscal year 2018 budget, which includes a proposed shift to privatize air traffic control (a move previously attempted in the AIRR Act of 2016). Chao described this portion of the budget as a move to “modernize our…