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Drone 360 June 2017

Drones already film our favorite movies, keep watch over our neighborhoods, and wage our distant wars. Someday, they might save our lives. Find out more about these versatile unmanned aerial vehicles in ALL-NEW Drone 360, including: • How UAVs are changing law enforcement and warfare. • Where and how high a drone can fly — and who makes the rules. • When it’s illegal to fly a drone over private property. • How UAVs might revolutionize emergency response. Order your copy today and take a closer look at this emerging technology!

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editor’s welcome

WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME THINKING ABOUT all of the ways drones can be useful, I think we sometimes forget that they’re fun, too. Let’s face it: Multirotor drones grew directly out of the radio control aircraft hobby — specifically, electric helicopters. And why shouldn’t drones be fun? That’s what the consumer and hobby market is all about. Take photos and videos from a vantage you never could before; get the vicarious thrill of piloting an aircraft without having to get a pilot’s license and rent a Cessna; dig as deeply as you like into the technical side. What tricks you can do or what kind of multirotor you fly doesn’t matter, so long as you’re enjoying yourself and obeying some basic rules to keep both you and bystanders safe. Of course,…

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the faa comes up short on funds

ON MARCH 7, the FAA released a tasking document which required its Drone Advisory Committee (DAC), a long-term advisory board comprised of drone and technology industry leaders, to provide recommendations on how to fund the integration of drones into the National Airspace System (NAS). Sounds harmless — but the FAA went on to say if additional funding isn’t found, then the progress of the drone industry will be greatly impacted. HOW THE FAA GETS MONEY Currently, the FAA primarily receives funding from the Aviation Trust Fund, which is made up of a collection of excise taxes imposed on aviation users. Such taxes are tacked onto airline tickets, international arrivals and departures, and the sale of aviation fuels. In 2016, these taxes made up a whopping 87.8% of the FAA’s funding. But the FAA does…

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verdict reached in drone slayer case

ON MARCH 21, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit against William Merideth, a Kentucky man who began calling himself “Drone Slayer” after shooting down a drone in 2015. Though the ruling is a win for the Drone Slayer, legal experts say it leaves the state of drone law confused and unsettled. “We respect the judge’s decision, but from our point of view, this is a missed opportunity to have some clarity on the boundaries between private property and trespass,” says James Mackler, an attorney who represented the drone pilot in this case. “It is always better if we can have legal clarity, for law enforcement, drone pilots, home owners, hobbyists, and drone makers.” Meredith and his supporters argued that the drone was trespassing on his property, and shooting the drone out of…

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drone racing league founder/ceo nick horbaczewski

1 IS IT HARD TO EXPLAIN DRONE RACING TO THE AVERAGE JOE, ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON’T CONSIDER IT A “REAL” SPORT? I think the big challenge is that people have deeply ingrained expectations from movies and video games, so that makes the expectations [for drone racing] really high right out of the gate. You don’t get a lot of tolerance to present something that’s not quite good enough, but might look better in the future. People want to see something that has the impact of what they are imagining — right from the beginning. Drone racing is an incredible sport and it has been around for a number of years, but it largely remains an enthusiast sport. We think it really captivates audiences, so there is an opportunity to make drone racing…

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5 tips for completing an epic shot

Since commercial-grade drones hit the market in 2013, filmmakers and videographers have gained the ability to capture a perspective once limited to those who could afford to charter airplanes or helicopters. What’s more, drones give pilots the ability to operate much closer to their subjects on the ground. You can see this distinct vantage point in major motion pictures, music videos, and even news programs. Mastering the art of flying a drone to the point where you’re comfortable enough to execute your vision or that of your employer, understand the fundamentals of filming your subjects, and develop the observational instincts required to identify compelling locations are the core of an epic aerial shot. These can only come with time and experience. However, there are a few things you can do that…

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dji mavi c pro

IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD about the DJI Mavic Pro, I’m not sure where you’ve been hiding. The hype over DJI’s first foldable drone was immense upon its launch, and hasn’t diminished much in the months since then. I was chomping at the bit to find out if it would fulfill those expectations, and (spoiler alert) the Mavic definitely delivers. The Mavic, in many ways, represents a major departure from DJI’s status quo. There are no slick, bright aesthetics here. A matte steel grey is accented by dark gold, and the airframe doesn’t mess around with any sleek curves. To me, the Mavic feels more like a piece of reliable equipment and less like a drone you just want to be seen with. It’s designed to work, not to be looked at. And before…