October / November 2021

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the joy of standing out

“She has not only reclaimed the title of ‘MISFIT’, but gilded it into something WONDERFUL” When you look back over your school years, who are the ones you remember? The teacher’s pet? The all-round athlete? The girl every boy would give his Umbro bag for? Or perhaps it’s someone far more unlikely. Someone for whom the world of school and its rigid conformity did not best serve. For me, that person was a boy I’m going to call Josh. Josh had hair the colour of a bonfire and an explosive arsenal of ‘terrible’ words he used at his leisure. He wore scuffed shoes and trousers with little bell bottoms, like a character from a 1970s sitcom. The teachers despised him. The younger children cowered when he walked. As for his peers? We…

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guest list

JIMMY OWEN JONES Inspired by Kevyn Aucoin’s book Making Faces, Gloucestershire-born make-up artist Jimmy switched from studying film photography to media make-up at college. It was the discovery of prosthetics that sparked his love for the transformative power of cosmetics, and he went on to train at London College of Fashion before starting his career doing make-up for film, TV and theatre. Jimmy has developed looks for West End musical Six and the Spice Girls’ 2019 tour, and has worked with artists including Skepta and AJ Tracey. For this issue, Jimmy worked on our cover star Michaela Coel. FAVOURITE MAKE-UP TRICK? ‘Apply Mac’s Fast Response Eye Cream to the back of a brush to clean the edges of a bold lip or graphic liner.’ MOST SURPRISING ITEM IN YOUR BEAUTY BAG?…

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the thread that led me back

My memories of my early childhood in China are populated with beautiful dresses. Back then, we could afford to buy the clothes I wanted, but my mother insisted on making her own designs. She was a fan of frills, A-line silhouettes, matching sets. She loved delicate pinks and purples. But they all turned brown when I ran to play with my best friend, a boy with dirt on his face like me but who was unburdened by girlhood. I still remember the itch of lace on my neck. I hear the whirring of my mother’s sewing machine and the clack of her typewriter, a sound capsule of the days she spent writing statistics textbooks while designing my clothes. I smell mothballs and cotton, the latter sitting by the ream at her…

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popping off... griff

‘“POP” IS A BIT OF A DIRTY WORD, ISN’T IT?’ SAYS GRIFF, aka Sarah Griffiths, the musician taking over 2021. ‘It’s taken me a while to accept the label because it’s like you’ve sold your soul to the devil. But what’s wrong with making people feel good?’ You may not have recognised this face last year. But, oh boy, do you now. Over the past six months, 20-year-old Griff’s reputation has gone from the one-to-watch with cool hair to an award-winning pop prodigy (still with cool hair). Loved by Taylor Swift. Winner of the coveted Brits Rising Star Award (following Celeste, Jorja Smith and Adele). Plastered on billboards from Manchester to New York’s Times Square. The first artist on Spotify’s Radar programme to get both US and UK backing. Tapped by Disney…

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go see... decadent desks


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watch it ridley road

‘Vivien’s found herself trapped in an unwanted engagement and is expected to give up her job, all to fulfil her parent’s wishes. So instead, she breaks free and runs.’ Rising star Agnes O’Casey is setting up the premise for the BBC’s new must-watch show Ridley Road (out this autumn), produced by the company that brought us It’s A Sin. It’s based on Jo Bloom’s novel about a young Jewish woman who rejects her comfortable middle-class life in 1960s Manchester and flees to London to pursue her dreams of becoming a hairdresser and be with the man she loves. When in London, Vivien joins the fight against fascism and ends up undercover within a neo-Nazi organisation. ‘She realises she can exploit her vulnerability to manipulate those who see her as a naïve woman,’…