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Esquire September 2019

Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

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STOP AND SMELL THE BRACELET Wearing scents in 2019 means you have more options than spritzing. Case in point: Diptyque’s new bracelet. The fragrance-infused nylon band emits a subtle scent of either sandalwood or tuberose that lasts a week, after which you can replace it with a fresh wrap from the spool. For more ways to subtly scent yourself and your home, turn to page 76. $90; diptyqueparis.com—Garrett Munce NOT THE SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE Marshall’s Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker looks like it could be onstage next to your favorite guitarist. But it’s not. It’s in your house, giving you instant rocker cred. You’ll notice new acoustic depths to your music, with rich audio and knobs along the top for volume, bass, and treble—plus it has an impressive battery life of 20…

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take back the stream

Being mad at Netflix is like yelling at the tide. There is no alternative—one cannot survive on Hulu or HBO Now alone—and besides, it makes some damn good content. Television doesn’t get better than The Crown or Wild Wild Country, both Netflix Originals. The company’s aggressive push into film has not been uncontroversial, but Hollywood had long since ceded the territory. The studios simply aren’t in the business of making movies about people born without superpowers, let alone black-and-white foreign art-house fare like last year’s Roma. So my beef is not with Netflix. Or Hulu. Or Amazon. It’s with us. We declared our independence by cord cutting, only to be algorithmized into docility. Netflix was founded in 1997 to disrupt Blockbuster. But the advent of cost-effective streaming a little under a…

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the next great nerd-out

WATCHMEN (HBO) FALL 2019 We know Zack Snyder’s movie has some hardcore fans, but will we finally get an adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen that everyone will like? This Damon Lindelof series may fit the bill. REQUIRED READING: The cocreator of Lost and The Leftovers has said the show will be “remixed.” Still, Moore’s classic noirish superhero satire is increasingly relevant. Reread it or be baptized into it. ADVANCED READING: The recent Doomsday Clock comics (Watchmen sequels that bring Superman into the mix). HIS DARK MATERIALS (HBO) FALL 2019 Though Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy was marketed as young-adult fare, the novels are marked by more grown-up themes involving religion and sexual maturation—which you can expect HBO to dig into. (Bonus: Lin-Manuel Miranda!) REQUIRED READING: The series’ first book, The Golden Compass. For a quick, sanitized version, watch…

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closer listen

As the frontwoman of two rabble-rousing rock outfits—the soulful and strange Alabama Shakes as well as the garage-rock-thrashing Thunderbitch—Brittany Howard has earned her reputation as a grade-A experimentalist. “To me, every song is a landscape,” she explains, “and you see a lot of landscapes in your life.” She’ll swap surroundings once more when Jaime, Howard’s first solo collection, arrives September 20. “It was too personal to put in anyone else’s hands,” she says of the set, which tackles romance, racism, and identity amid a heady swirl of Prince-esque R&B, funk, and one full-on psych-rock freak-out. Here, she dishes on the artists she can’t stop listening to. Betty Carter “A keyboard player named Paul Horton turned me on to Betty Carter, and the harmony in ‘Nothing More to Look Forward To’ is just…

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the clear winner

I went to Siberia once. That’s not a metaphor. I flew to Novosibirsk, a Russian city northeast of Kazakhstan, and then ventured out into the taiga to experience the Siberian ritual known as the banya, which is sort of a sauna treatment with a touch of Fifty Shades of Grey. The banya involves sitting in a room as hot as a pizza oven and being smacked with branches from a birch tree until you can’t take it anymore, at which point you flee the steam, douse yourself with cold water, and lie naked in the snow. I recommend it. When I was finished being parboiled and spanked, I put on my clothes and wandered into a dining room, where I found something of a gift. At every place setting waited a…

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the food prophet of harlem

Five years ago, in the fall of 2014, this magazine named the Cecil the best new restaurant in America. Josh Ozersky, the writer who made that pick, raised a toast to the pioneering menu, “primed and loaded with the flavors of the African diaspora—that trail of taste that moved from West Africa to India, the Caribbean to America to China, and then back again.” Meanwhile, Eater, the influential food blog that in recent years has rebooted itself into a bully pulpit for diversity, seemed slightly bewildered that a black-owned restaurant in Harlem might merit the top spot on a national list. josh ozersky confounds expectations, said the Eater headline, while the piece itself quipped that “it sounds like Ozersky is out to stir things up.” Ozersky is gone now. He died the…