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Jan 2016 #115

Australia’s longest-running automotive title, Fast Fours & Rotaries is the most respected modified four-cylinder, rotary and high-tech performance magazine in Australia. Fast Fours & Rotaries is dedicated to being on ground with its readers and being active within the ever-changing modifying scene.

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be happy

IT’S HARD TO HATE ON THIS LEVEL OF PERFECTION Twenty-five-year-old store manager Jason DeCarlo is a huge Mazda and rotor fan. His 1973 RX-3 is classic in many ways but incorporates his own unique flair for one of the most interesting twists on the model we’ve seen in a while. “I’ve always loved the look and style of the RX-3s,” Jason told us. “I wanted this one to be able to be driven to shows, do weddings and taken to the track when needs be.” It had to be an all-rounder able to do most everything while remaining rock-solid in the reliability stakes. The last thing a bride wants is to be left stranded on the side on the road on her wedding day, after all. “I’VE ALWAYS LOVED THE LOOK AND STYLE…

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off the chain

“I LOVE R100S. I HAVE ALWAYS HAD AT LEAST ONE IN MY POSSESSION SINCE I WAS 16” If Jason Voorhees had a chariot of choice, this would be it. ‘Chainsaw’, as it is known, is a legend out in the Australian rotor and drag scene. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road for the old girl but persistence has paid off, with the R100 now looking, and running, better than ever thanks to an A Team of rotary experts assembled from all corners of the globe, and one very passionate owner. This 1969 R100 has come further than most, though. Matt Rice has owned it for five years during which time he’s managed to build it, and rebuild it, into this atmo’ monster. One of the earlier builds saw Matt drop in…

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robot in disguise

THE INFAMOUS ZOOM MAGAZINE PROJECT CYBORG RETURNS BADDER AND QUICKER THAN EVER“I HELPED BUILD MY HOUSEMATE’S 1989 LANCER. AFTER SEEING HOW WELL THAT WENT FOR A 1.6L TURBO CAR, I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE SOMETHING TURBO” Zoom Magazine is an Aussie institution. If you’ve been reading it through the years, you’ll be well familiar with the projects Ben and Grant used to get up to, perhaps none of which were more beloved than ‘the little car that could’, Project Cyborg. The 1988 Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg came direct from Japan and was built up over the course of a couple of years to be a drag and race weapon all while remaining a sleeper and that whitegoods shade we all associate with sluggish vehicles… but sluggish it was most definitely not. Imagine…

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super vw fest

Europe has had a long tradition of major Volkswagen events for decades – we’re talking shows that gather well over a thousand vehicles. In France, the Super VW Nationals paved the way starting in 1988, growing much so tremendously that 2,700 Vee during Dubs showed the early up ’90 in s; 1992 so . But sadly, the meet became the victim of its own success, with crowd control being a major issue that year. Promoters wanted to start afresh in 1993, thereby moving to Le Mans’ racetrack. Yes, none other than the home of the legendary 24-hour competition, starting 1923! It proved a huge hit once again, thanks in part to a wide assortment of activities, from 1/8th-mile drag racing to a Super VW Cup round. The latter gathered some impressive…

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loud noises

As manufacturers race to pack weird and wonderful capabilities into their new offerings, some consumers can feel left behind as their desire for a visually simple but fully-featured head unit is overlooked. If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for a unit that isn’t over the top looks-wise but still has the most useful features you’d want, especially in your daily driver, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Sony MEX-XB100BT. The BT in the model number is generally a giveaway that you can use this unit with your mobile phone or other compatible Bluetooth equipped device and it’s certainly true here with both mobile phone conversation and audio streaming supported. Combined with the rear USB port that you can use to connect MP3 players (via a USB extension…

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perf 86 tion

INTERESTINGLY, THE DIRECT INJECTION SYSTEM HASN’T BEEN REMOVED AND STILL PERFORMS ON CERTAIN ENGINE PHASES Talk about your mystery vehicles. Most of the info regarding this particular 86 is unknown. Still, the car largely speaks for itself, with a full Rocket Bunny V2 kit and Trust turbo pumping out 300ps. It is in many ways the ultimate 86 and one of the best of the breed we’ve seen to date. From what we’ve told by Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto/ Rocket Bunny, the owner ordered a super car (we don’t know exactly which one), but because it’d take month to come in, he simply asked Liberty Walk (Nagoya) to build him a ‘special car’ while he waited for the exotica to arrive. Lucky guy. Kei Miura took care of the bodykit and installed…