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January 2020

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The story of the American Dream is often told through fictional stories, a romanticized ideal that anyone can make it in the land of the free. There are multiple books written about this ideal, movies squarely based around characters gunning for that dream, yet one person that has fully experienced the ups and downs of living the American Dream is John Paul DeJoria. A man who was twice homeless and went on to become a multi-billionaire, a man who suffered loss and utilized that pain and turned it into success. Much like the storybooks and movies based on the American Dream, it’s the journey that is the most fascinating and the story of a once-homeless single father becoming a world-renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist is what makes John Paul DeJoria a…

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A Dime A Dozen John Paul Jones DeJoria was born the second son of an Italian immigrant father and a Greek immigrant mother on April 13, 1944 in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. By the time he was 2 years old, his parents got divorced and the financial and emotional pressure of raising fell squarely on his mother. Yet it was at that early age where his mother instilled the now-famous ethos of “Success Unshared is Failure” when John Paul and his brother learned a valuable lesson. In a recent CNBC interview John Paul tells the story “When I was a little boy around six years old, we didn’t have any money. It was my mother, my brother and I and we would go to downtown Los Angeles…

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two legends trade places

Valentino Rossi drove The Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+, a car that won the 2017 FIA Formula One™ World Championship with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport at the hands of Lewis Hamilton, whilst Lewis rode the 2019 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP YZR-M1 bike that only weeks earlier had been piloted by Valentino at the very same circuit. The significance of the occasion was not lost on either Lewis or Valentino who have made no secret of their admiration and respect for each other in recent years. Acting as mentors for one another, the pair were able to complete multiple runs on each other’s machinery and share insights and learnings about each other’s craft. The six-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton: “It’s so awesome to see a legend like Valentino in the car. I’m excited…

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genevieve ava

Ronald Wayne @ronaldwayne_ Mike “Ohrangu” Tang @ohrangutang Toby Harrison@toby.harrison SOMETHING SURPRISING I’m trilingual and speak fluent Spanish and Tagalog. Tagalog is the language of the Philippines and I am first generation Filipino-American! MY HOBBIES Some of my hobbies include golfing. I’ve played my entire life and I’m still an avid golfer. I love taking your money on the course! TURN ON My biggest turn on is a man with facial hair. I love a good ol’ beard and when a man opens the car door for you is also another turn on. I can appreciate a man that knows chivalry isn’t dead. TURN OFF What turns me off the most is when a man acts cheap! Women notice that! I went on a date once and the guy tipped 10% on a check with receiving great service and I just…

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12 new shows to binge in 2020

Messiah Bringing in the new decade from the 1st of January, Netflix’s Messiah tells the story of a mysterious man that arrives in America claiming to be the chosen one, the true messiah. This chosen one starts attracting international attention and followers through acts of public disruption and it’s up to a CIA officer to investigate this mysterious stranger and uncover if he is indeed a divine entity or a dangerous con artist. This intense political and sci-fi thriller is set to get the heart racing and leave the viewer to make up their own mind about the authenticity of the new messiah. AJ and the Queen After the massive success of RuPaul’s Drag Races, the multi-talented performer returns with a scripted series for Netflix. RuPaul stars as Robert Lee, a.k.a. Ruby Red,…

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13 reasons gamers should be excited this year

CYBERPUNK 2077 Release Date: April 16, 2020 Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC Without a doubt the most anticipated game this year, Cyberpunk 2077 is from the amazing developers of The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red. Based on the tabletop game, Cyberpunk 2020, featuring a massive open world filled with missions, NPC’s, a boatload of weapons and abilities as well as a gripping story. You’ll play as V, an agent that takes on various tasks in Night City. Rampant with homelessness, corruption and all-out gang warfare, V will have to step outside of the law to bring justice to this morally lost city. And of course it will feature Keanu “You’re Breathtaking” Reeves. Instant game of the year. HALO INFINITE Release Date: Q4 2020 Platform: Xbox One, Xbox X Series, PC Not a lot is known so…