Florida Design – Digital Edition Volume 30-4

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As this issue heads to press, we are still very much in the grip of a pandemic that has altered nearly every aspect of our daily life. Traveling to the High Point Market recently I was masked up and conscious of every sniffle, wheeze and cough emitted by my fellow travelers. The crowds that normally jam the hallways of the massive International Home Furnishing Center gave way to smaller clusters of serious buyers from across the country. Every manufacturer I spoke to reported brisk sales. Many balancing backlogged order books against the COVID constraints on their manufacturing operations. Demand is there as each company has discovered creative ways to build, ship and deliver the products designers need to keep projects moving. Here in Florida, planning, design and building continues apace. We have…

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color your world

We are excited to bring in the new year with our winter edition of Florida Design and we aren't missing a beat as we highlight a whirlwind of inspiration for 2021. Stunning art mixes with bold architecture and exciting interiors to create the settings that paint the pages inside this issue, proving that the art of design is more than just a pretty picture. Ever since I was little, I had a passion for the arts. I loved drawing different objects and mixing different colors to see what I came up with to illustrate my creative stories. Now more than ever, in a world where art enlivens space and the science of color suggests the ability to create mood and alter personal perception, I truly believe that great design can change…

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