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passion partners

This issue of Florida Design features editor’s picks from our trip to the High Point market in June of this year. The editorial team had a grand time touring vendor showrooms, meeting designers, and beaming video interviews directly to our universe of social media followers. (I was mostly in charge of getting the van full of creative types safely from the hotel to various venues.) My High Point excitement was derived from the reactions of our marketing partners when handed a copy of Florida Design. Most clutched the magazine to their chests with a version of “I/we love Florida Design!” or “We pass dog-eared copies around the office…how can I get my own copy?” Happy to oblige! Around the Florida Design offices in West Palm Beach, we share the same passion for…

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having it all

A few months ago, I had the privilege of touring the Fort Lauderdale house that graces the cover of this issue. Aside from its architectural expression and expanses of glass, which are admittedly impressive, what struck me about this home was how all-encompassing it is. “Fun House” (page 178) is so much more than a place to gather, relax, or entertain. It offers, as our writer puts it, “a buffet of pleasures” including a spa-like wellness center with a full gym, infrared sauna, and even a tanning booth; an art studio; a glass office overlooking a garage with a rotating pad for a prized sportscar; a home theater; and even a closet dedicated to a sneaker collection. Sound excessive? It’s really not, considering the new normal. Since the pandemic, people have…

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florida design reader services

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