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Florida Sportsman

December 2019

Florida Sportsman is the complete fishing magazine for Florida and the Tropics. Devoted to fishing, boating, and outdoor activities in the Sunshine State, Florida Sportsman is the authoritative source for Florida's most active fishermen.

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florida sportsman

PUBLISHER Blair Wickstrom FOUNDER IN MEMORIAM Karl Wickstrom EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF Jeff Weakley ART DIRECTOR Drew Wickstrom CONSERVATION EDITOR Mike Conner BOATING EDITOR George LaBonte PROJECTS EDITOR Rick Ryals ASSOCIATE EDITOR Brenton Roberts FIELD EDITORS Pepe Gonzalez (KEYS), Alan Sherman (SOUTH), Steve Dall (10,000 ISLANDS), Ralph Allen (SOUTHWEST), Bill Sargent (EAST CENTRAL), Ray Markham (WEST CENTRAL), Tommy Thompson (BIG BEND), William Greer (NORTHWEST), Chaz Heller (PANHANDLE), Brett Fitzgerald (TROPICS) CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Carolee Boyles, David Brown, Corky Decker, R. Grant Gilmore, Peter Hinck, Willie Howard, Doug Kelly, Terry Lacoss, Tom Levine, Tim Lewis, David McGrath, Frank Sargeant, Peter Slis, Eric Wickstrom ONLINE ASSOCIATE Shelby Busenbark ADVERTISING Jim Langone (772) 763-2227 jim.langone@outdoorsg.com Rhett Nelson (772) 763-2226 rhett.nelson@outdoorsg.com Trey Wheeler (772) 763-2205 trey.wheeler@outdoorsg.com PRODUCTION MANAGER Jean McElroy (772) 763-2209 jean.mcelroy@outdoorsg.com FLORIDA SPORTSMAN RADIO Rick Ryals (904) 334-8808 OUTDOOR SPORTSMAN GROUP® PRESIDENT & CEO Jim Liberatore Chief Operating Officer, Publishing &…

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grow up, grouper

As a preview of coming attractions, it looks as if some of us might be adding some new gear to our reef fishing kit in 2020. And it’s not what you might expect. We’re not talking about some new jig, line or other accessory for bringing fish up. We’re going the opposite direction—taking fish back down. It’s not set in stone, but the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has approved “best practices” for reef fishing in federal waters of the South Atlantic. That would apply to all those reefs and ledges we like to fish starting three miles off Florida’s east coast. One of these practices would be the possession and use of descender devices, or fish elevators, to help get undersize or out-of-season snappers and groupers back down where they can…

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st. johns river at deland, fl

More than forty years ago I started fishing the St. Johns River. Moving from trout streams in Michigan, I was naturally attracted to the St. Johns. I remember my first thought of the river was that fish must be in every inch of it. I was wrong. Captain Bob Stonewater, who owned The Lunker Hole tackle store in Orange City at the time, taught me about current, wind, good water, bad water, floods and drought. Another teacher was just spending plenty of time on the water. I’m a bass fisherman at heart and the St. Johns provides great opportunity for catching bass. The river has wonderful fishing–bream, speckled perch, sunshine and striped bass, and American shad can please in the spring. I spend most of my time on the upper and middle…

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GAME PLAN: In the winding middle stretches of the river, cool weather puts largemouth bass on the feed, as they fatten up for the spring spawn. Be prepared for temps from 30 to 70 degrees. GUIDED FISHING: Capt. Larry Blakeslee fishes the DeLand area on a 22-foot Pathfinder. 386-736-9151 h, 386-717-5652 c; Captlarryntisi@ aol.com BOAT RAMPS: Whitehair Bridge (Ed Stone Park) off SR44 west of DeLand (Shady Oak Restaurant is a good stop for gator and catfish). To the south, Lake Monroe Park is a good put-in, with camping; and to the north, Astor Boat Ramp; also Powells Fish Camp. GOTTA SEE: > Highland Park Fish Camp, classic Old Florida camping, boat rentals, bait and tackle, archives of pictures, mounts and history of the area. > Pancakes griddled at your table, at the Old…

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born to run sea born fx25 bay xe

After testing the FX25 for a full day, I found this model to be a standout in the Sea Born line. First and foremost for me, the ride really stood out. Beginning with the first hole shot, the step bottom hull quickly hopped up onto plane pulling the bow down almost instantly and the Suzuki 350 quickly motivated us to an easy 30 knot cruise at 3500 rpm. With plans to mix up the day fishing wrecks, beaches and mangrove shorelines, we headed offshore in search of bait. The feature-heavy FX25 Bay XE comes equipped with three livewells including 52-gallon, 27-gallon and 15-gallons capacity, with two located aft and a forward pitchbait well. We loaded the two aft wells with herrings and sardines to well below capacity yet still had more…

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cobia, tax-free

If you fish for cobia, you’ve likely paid your fair share to the taxman—sharks. Cobia often follow sharks looking to pick up scraps the sharks leave behind when feeding. Once a cobia is hooked, the table turns and it is the shark's turn to feed. At times you are lucky to land one cobia for every five you hook. That puts you in an 80 percent tax bracket, which is a waste of a great gamefish. How about let’s get those taxes down below 20 percent? It was on a trip out of Sebastian when I got a lesson in how to drastically reduce my losses. I was fishing for snapper with a light baitcasting outfit when I hooked something big. It made a strong run and soon came up to…