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Food To Love September 2019

Food To Love magazine is all about food; Learn how to make, bake, cook and create it. Full of seasonal, scrumptious recipes, Food To Love magazine provides hints and tips to help readers cook with confidence. Having a magazine subscription to Food To Love magazine is a great way to guarantee you never miss an issue, and you’ll save money on the shop price too.

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beautiful food you’ll love to make

This month, it’s all about the change in season and, to go along with that, we’ve made some exciting changes to the magazine too. We aim to bring you more seasonal dishes each month and this issue we’re focusing on what you can create with delicious Squash and Blackberries. So you can eat up, knowing that you are getting the most delicious produce that September has to offer us. We also pledge to bringing you more step-by-step guides, like how to spatchcock a chicken for a Spicy Asian Roast (p93) plus loads of tips and tricks to help you hone your culinary knowledge along the way - what you won’t know about rice after reading our Spotlight on Rice (p34) isn’t worth knowing! So join our exciting new adventure and…

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test kitchen questions & answers

Q I LOVE MAKING JAM, BUT FIND THE FRUIT ALWAYS RISES TO THE TOP WHEN IT’S COOLING IN THE JAR. IS THERE ANY WAY OF STOPPING THIS? A This is a common problem with marmalades or jams. Try leaving it off the heat in the saucepan for 15 minutes after you’ve finished cooking it, or until it starts forming a ‘skin’ on top. Then, just before bottling in heated sterilised jars, give the jam or marmalade a stir and the slightly thicker consistency will keep the fruit and rind evenly dispersed through the mixture once it’s put in the jars. Q Are there various ways to boil different veg? I always plunge them into boiling water, regardless of type. A Through our years in the kitchen, we’ve found a simple rule, vegetables that…

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what’s in season squash?

LATE SUMMER fruits APPLES APRICOTS BLACKBERRIES CHESTNUTS ELDERBERRIES FIGS GOOSEBERRIES LOGANBERRIES NECTARINES PEACHES PEARS PLUMS QUINCES RASPBERRIES REDCURRANTS TOMATOES LATE SUMMER vegetables AUBERGINES BEETROOT BROAD BEANS BROCCOLI CABBAGE CAVOLO NERO CELERY CELERIAC COURGETTE FENNEL GLOBE ARTICHOKE KALE KOHLRABI LAMB’S LETTUCE LETTUCE MARROW PARSNIPS PEAS PEPPERS PUMPKIN & SQUASH RADISH RUNNER BEANS SPINACH SWEETCORN SWISS CHARD WATERCRESS Squash Pumpkins and squashes are a rich source of fibre, antioxidants and vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful in preventing degenerative diseases and maintaining healthy eyesight. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein; they provide all the essential amino acids, making them valuable for veggies and vegans. They’re an excellent magnesium source, a catalyst mineral for many biochemical reactions within the body needed for a healthy immune system. PUMPKIN & CAMEMBERT BAKED RISOTTO PREP + COOK TIME 1 HOUR SERVES 4 • 875ml prepared pumpkin soup• 500ml vegetable stock• 2 tablespoons olive oil• 1 large onion, chopped finely• 2 cloves garlic, crushed• 5 fresh sage leaves• 300g arborio rice• 60g shaved parmesan• 350g kaboucha squash, sliced thinly into wedges•…

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cook’s notes

PUMPKIN & CAMEMBERT BAKED RISOTTO Using prepared pumpkin soup is your secret ingredient in this luxe risotto. It’s a simple way to add delicious pumpkin flavour through the risotto to accompany the golden baked kaboucha wedges. BUTTERNUT SQUASH BREADSTICKS If you’d prefer to make rolls, divide the dough into 12 smooth rounds. Place pumpkin and poppy seeds in a small bowl; roll dough rounds in the seeds to coat. Place 1cm apart on an oiled oven tray in a rectangle shape (three across and four down). Continue recipe from step 7. BUTTERNUT SQUASH SCONES You will need to cook 300g trimmed butternut squash. Scones are best served warm out the oven. Halved, spread with butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon on them. SWEET POTATO & SQUASH SOUP You can make this soup up to 2 days ahead,…

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know your pumpkins

BUTTERNUT This is a good all-rounder squash suitable for soups, mashes and roasting. It has a pale orange thin skin and is easy to peel when raw. RED KURI This variety looks like mini pumpkins. The flesh is bright orange and with a mellow, nutty flavour, it is a good all-rounder in curries and roast vegetable mixtures. KABOUCHA Or Japanese pumpkin, with green mottled skin. The orange, nutty tasting dense flesh is great roasted. Cook, then peel the skin off, as it is a whole lot easier. But we advise eating it as it is full of flavour. SUGAR PIE Small and round with a deep orange skin, this pumpkin is suitable for carving, stuffing and roasting. CROWN PRINCE A large pumpkin with ribbed grey skin, with sweet-flavoured flesh. Best suited for roasting.…

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Blackberries have high antioxident levels, due to their dark colour, and are rich in salicylic acid, which is great for your skin. A handful of these purple gems have half of an adult’s recommended daily allowance of manganese, necessary for bone development and nutrient absorption. The blackberry is a drupelet, or a cluster of fruits and the seed inside each drupelet contributes to the berry’s nutrient value. HALVA & BLACKBERRY ICE CREAM WITH BLACKBERRY SAUCE PREP TIME: 30 MINUTES (+ FREEZING) SERVES 6 You don’t need an ice-cream maker for this Middle-Eastern inspired ice cream. The crumbled halva adds a wonderful sweet hit balanced by the juicy blackberry hidden jewels. It’s delicious served with the fresh blackberry sauce. • 4 large eggs, separated• 100g caster sugar• 1 small orange, finely grated rind only• ½…