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There are many wonderful places in the world, but few of those places dish up the kind of portions that Namibia does. As a destination, it’s generous with open spaces and views, and as a nation the Namibians are quick to give you a second helping of hospitality. This year we tried to capture the country in its entirety, from the waves of the Atlantic in the west to where tiger fish roam the Chobe River in the east. During our travels, we were reminded again that a tour of Namibia never goes as planned. The longer you drive these roads, the more indulgent you get: Why not take this turn-off? Pull over at that viewpoint? Spend another night at your favourite campsite? You can, because you’re here to relax. You visit…

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drive the coast of the dead

The mouth of the Kunene River is one of those plant-a-flag places. Like a high mountain peak, the outer edge of a continent or a remote island, this is a place far beyond the reach of your average tourist. You feel like a bona fide explorer when you get here – a modern-day Marco Polo or Ferdinand Magellan. Marco Polo might not have had jerry cans and a diff lock, but the 660 km between civilisation and the mouth of this river remains a challenge, even for the latest Land Cruiser. Dekker Smit from Omalweendo Safaris has invited me on a sevenday trip from Swakopmund to the Kunene. From there we’ll make our way through the dunes to the Hartmann’s Valley in Kaokoveld then head back to Khowarib near Sesfontein. SKELTON COAST NATIONAL…

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the other waterberg

The Germans call them “inselbergs” – small mountains (or big koppies) that rise like islands from the otherwise flat plains of Namibia. The Waterberg, east of Otjiwarongo, is one such inselberg. On Google Earth it looks like someone carefully unmoulded the chiselled escarpment around the plateau. The mountain is not very tall (only 200 m higher than the adjacent Omaheke Plain), but it has some girth (16 km at its widest) and it stretches along the western border of the Kalahari for a substantial 50 km. With the exception of a few smaller reserves and guest farms around the Waterberg, the mountain is divided into two conservation areas: the Waterberg Resort in the west, managed by Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR), and the neighbouring Waterberg Wilderness Private Nature Reserve in the east.…

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bogenfels, sperrgebiet

The Bogenfels rock formation, about 120 km south of Lüderitz, is a geological wonder. Deep in the Sperrgebiet, this 55 m arch towers over the landscape with one leg in the Namib Desert and the other in the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes the Bogenfels is wrapped in mist and wind, which adds to the feeling of isolation, but if you’re lucky you’ll see it at sunset on a clear day. Climb to the top where there’s a hole in the rock. Look down at the crashing waves below. How to get there? You need a special permit to visit the arch. Coastways Tours Lüderitz is the only operator that offers trips to the abandoned mining town of Pomona and to the Bogenfels. Cost: Full-day tour R1 750 per person (minimum four people). The…

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the place of four rivers

OKAVANGO RIVER Things to see and do? The Okavango (known as the Kavango River in Namibia) forms the northern border between Namibia and Angola for more than 350 km before it cuts through the Caprivi Strip for 50 km to get to Botswana and the Okavango Delta. Just south of Divundu the river tumbles down Popa Falls in a series of rapids. If you’re a history buff you can explore the ruins of the 32 Battalion base – it’s on the eastern bank of the river. Further downstream there is also an overgrown cemetery. Will I see game? Don’t underestimate Mahango Game Reserve. It might be relatively small and your chance of seeing a lion is slim, but you can bank on elephants, roan antelope and red lechwe. The game-viewing route near the…

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can i get an “amen”?

In southern Namibia, one Saturday in May is always marked off on just about everybody’s kitchen calendar: It’s the annual Grünau church bazaar. During one of my previous visits to the country, Kinna de Wet from White House Guest Farm told me about this gathering of farmers, and about the teamwork and generosity that define the day. The bazaar is known for its large offering of meat – this is sheep and venison country after all. “We always joke that if there are 23 people at the bazaar, there will be 24 animal carcasses,” Kinna told me. Grünau is a tiny town in southern Namibia where the main roads from Windhoek, Cape Town and Upington meet. It has a filling station, a hotel, a school, a few houses and a Farmers’ Association hall. Today…