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Our popular Namibia guide consists of 132 pages of classic destinations, our Top 20 campsites, more than 240 places to stay with GPS points and maps, great things to do, plans for the perfect day, border post info, and more!

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love thy neighbour

When the opportunity to do a project like our annual Namibia guide comes your way, you grab it with both hands – regardless of whether your personal life (two kids under six at the time) and workload allows for it or not. This is how I ended up compiling the guide for two years in a row, without actually going to Namibia! It sounds far-fetched, I know, but I got the job done by relying on the help of our amazing travel writers, photographers, readers and local Namibians. I told myself that this year’s guide would be different. I was going to Namibia no matter what! And I did, not once but twice. The kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and my husband Tobie and I hiked the Fish River Canyon Trail…

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border info

COMPULSORY STUFF PASSPORT. It needs to be valid for six months or more from the date you plan to leave Namibia, and it should have at least two blank pages. BIRTH CERTIFICATES. All children under 18 need an unabridged birth certificate to cross the border unless they have a new passport with their parents’ names listed in the back. DRIVING LICENCE. Your South African licence is valid in Namibia – keep it at hand. VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS. Bring the original or certified copies of these documents. Remember the papers for the trailer or caravan. LETTER OF AUTHORISATION. If you’re still paying off your car, you need a letter of authorisation from the bank. If the car you’re travelling in doesn’t belong to you, you need a letter written by the owner giving you permission to…

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from bottom to top

It’s hot outside the car, but not nearly as hot as back at the border post. I’ve pulled off the B1 tar road about 10km north of Noordoewer. Around me lies southern Namibia in all its glory: baked plains that slope slightly towards where rugged ridges jut out. In between lies the odd blackened boulder. Some might say there’s nothing to see here and fire their jet engines for Grünau, 130km away, but this apparent absence of things is what I love most about Namibia. Unlike a place like Mauritius, where you can see its palm-fringed, white-beached appeal from the aeroplane window already, Namibia is not love at first sight. Namibia is like new vellies that first have to be walked in. Back in the car, I push the Duster into the…

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how to use this guide

Rates. Accommodation rates and other prices listed were correct at the time of going to print. Use these as a general guideline and always call or e-mail to check current tariffs. Rates often go up on 1 July or 1 November. Also remember we publish a new version of this guide each year – don’t turn up at a place with a 2011 Namibia guide and insist on that price! Discount. When you book accommodation, be sure to mention you’re South African: SADC residents sometimes get a discount (some of the prices in the guide are SADC rates already). Also enquire about discounts for children, off-peak rates and specials. Children. We haven’t always included rates for kids. Most places charge half-price for children aged 3 – 12; children younger than 3 often…

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south highlights

1 Gawk at the Fish River Canyon You simply won’t get enough of the Fish River Canyon. There are three viewpoints overlooking the canyon, about 10 km from Hobas rest camp. First report to the reception office to pay the park fee (R60 per person; R10 per vehicle). Come early or late in the day to get soft light if you want to take photos – the gate is open from sunrise to sunset. The best way to immerse yourself in the splendour is to do the five-day hike. It’s a wilderness trail, which means there are no facilities and you have to carry everything you’ll need. It costs R500 per person plus a once-off R60 park fee. The trail is open from 1 May to 15 September. Want to stay over?…

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the golden girls of the namib

HILLDIDGE BEER Occupation: Veterinarian Home town: Greyton It was too far to drive for only a week’s holiday. My friends and I had signed up for a photography workshop in Aus, southern Namibia, and we decided to explore a bit afterwards. Three weeks in total – that would justify the trip. I would be travelling with Michele Moss from Stellenbosch, Arlene Cloete from Durbanville and Nettie Warncke from Pinelands. We looked for self-catering accommodation, but most places were already fully booked because it was the school holidays. There were only camping stands left. I wasn’t fazed because I like camping, but my friends hadn’t slept in a tent in years. Fortunately they’re a positive bunch and agreed to rough it. We did a test run to figure out what we had, what we needed and…