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Good Health Choices Magazine NZ June 2019

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Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

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oh so simple

I love that nature has the solution to so many of our health challenges. It’s amazing to think that straight from the soil comes so much of what we need to support our system and protect us from sickness. It’s literally growing on trees! American physician Dr Michael Greger has made it his life’s work to help people live better and longer by explaining how to eat your way to good health, naturally. In his book How Not to Die – a title that cuts right to the chase – he outlines the ‘Daily Dozen’ things we need to help prevent illness and lifestyle diseases. From broccoli to linseeds, it’s simple stuff that’s ripe for the picking. See page 60 to find out more. Of course, just knowing what’s good for…

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have your say

SHINE A LIGHT The article titled ‘Light in the Darkness’ in the April issue was a very thought-provoking and motivational read. Kevin Billett mentioned many things I could relate to, especially that medication didn’t solve the issues of depression – it just made things a little easier. I am going to buy the book he has written, so that I can pursue a path to healing through shifting my thinking. – Deborah INSPIRED READING I purchased Good Health magazine on the way to the hairdressers and just read the entire magazine from cover to cover. It was like the edition that kept on giving. Initially I picked it up because I wanted to read about immunity boosting, then as I turned the pages there were so many articles that I enjoyed from the…

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celebrating sharyn

I loved your interview with Sharyn Casey in the May edition. Most of the time I flick through interviews but this one especially had me reading from start to finish. I think Sharyn is such an inspiration! I remember seeing a thing a couple of years ago on The Edge TV where the presenters read out bullying emails that had been sent to them. Sharyn got one saying she was fat and she shouldn’t be on TV, which made me cry, thinking what nasty people are out there! She is an amazing woman and mother, and is a beautiful person who looks great. Good on you Sharyn for doing what you do. Thank you Good Health for an amazing read. – Melissa…

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taking control

The invention of hormonal birth control revolutionised women’s healthcare, but for the past 70-odd years it’s meant most of the contraceptive burden has been on women. Now, a male contraceptive pill has passed the first stage of safety trials. But how far away is it from shelves? ‘OUR RESULTS SUGGEST THAT THIS PILL WILL DECREASE SPERM PRODUCTION WHILE PRESERVING LIBIDO’ Research carried out by the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute and the University of Washington showed promising results for the pill, also known as 11-beta-MNTDC. The doctors behind the study say the first trial involved 40 healthy men, aged 18 to 50. Despite low testosterone levels in the men taking the drug, researchers reported “no serious adverse events”. However, participants had issues with fatigue, headaches, acne (side effects that women are already…

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health now

Diet dilemma In a study that’s been heralded as “a wake-up call for the world”, researchers have found that one-fifth of preventable deaths around the globe are associated with poor diets. The study, published in The Lancet, looked at global eating habits from 195 countries between 1990 and 2017, and found that a poor diet caused 11 million avoidable deaths, the vast majority of which were from cardiovascular disease, followed by cancer and type 2 diabetes. A poor diet, researchers say, is one short on fresh veges, seeds and nuts but heavy in salt, sugar and trans fats. They add that it’s not so much what we’re eating, but what we’re not eating. For instance, the global average intake of red meat was 27g a day – slightly higher than the…

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five minutes with… dancing’s queens

What is it about dancing that you love the most? CAMILLA: Since I retired from dancing, I don’t do it regularly any more, mainly because writing books and running my life (cooking, hypnosis and meditation business) keeps me busy. What kept me going was the fact that when you dance you forget everything else that’s going on in your life – it’s kind of like meditating. RACHEL: There are so many reasons I love dancing that it keeps me from stopping, like the music, body and soul connection, and the constant battle to improve yourself – there is never an endpoint which we can't improve on. Dancing also serves as a form of meditation where we can forget about everything else going on in the world and express ourselves freely, and create…