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Good Health Choices Magazine NZ August 2019

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Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

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bon voyage

Reading our travel handbook in this issue had me itching to hit the road. There are so many brilliant reasons to change locations and venture out into the world. And while I love to dream big in this department, I have to confess that the process of actually getting away often puts me in a spin: checking and rechecking airline websites for the cheapest flights, deliberating over the best place to stay, worrying about myself or the kids getting sick – before, during or after the trip – figuring out what will be enjoyable for grown-ups and children alike… By the time I leave I need a holiday to recover from my holiday planning. For many of us (particularly control freaks like me), it also requires being brave about leaving our…

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at a glance

A better understanding New research on how chemo affects the brain Your guide to protecting your eyes Is coconut oil all it’s cracked up to be? Become your best self: be informed, be nourished, be energised, be inspired, simply be... Simple body boosters How to avoid winter weight gain Ways to get fit in your lunch break Improve your posture with these easy stretches The art of letting go Mindfulness techniques for better sleep How to enjoy the here and now Ditch perfection and embrace a life of ‘ish’ Enrich your life Shelley Ferguson on her holistic approach to health Real lives transformed by giving up TV How to combat burnout syndrome Why ‘anti-fragile’ is the key to resilience Ready, steady, cook! Healthy family favourites Whole food dishes for healthy hormones Make some toast, it’s time for soup! Healthy Grazing: winter bircher muesli On the bright side All the wonderful reasons for taking a…

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have your say

SHARE THE LOVE Hello, I have been subscribing to Good Health magazine for some time now. I continue to be impressed with all your interesting stories, hints, recommendations and advice. However, this latest issue (July) has some amazing facts I can give to my seniors ‘Keep Active’ classes. Each week I am in touch with more than 200 clients who attend our exercise classes. Before each class we give advice so the articles and information given in the ‘Let’s Get Physical’ handbook will be invaluable. Thank you very much GH for an amazing magazine, it truly inspires me and in turn I can help pass on important and relevant information to many others. – Julie FLYING HIGH What an amazing article in the July magazine about fear of flying. I have a massive…

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recharge yourself

We hear about people suffering from burnout at work due to the stresses of their professional environment, but feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally drained is something that can occur in our social lives too. While doing our best to achieve that elusive work/life balance, we can sometimes end up putting too many demands on ourselves to always be available. Although it’s great to get out and go for dinner, or catch up over a glass of wine – if you feel as if you’re spending a lot of time and energy trying to meet social expectations while juggling everything else in your life – remember that it’s entirely acceptable to take a step back from it all. Easier said than done, you might think, but if you’re feeling socially fatigued,…

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health now

BODY AND MIND Mental wellbeing and physical activity are closely linked, and Finnish researchers say that the type of exercise you choose can confer unique benefits. Researchers gathered data from 303 adults – when they were 42 and again when they were 50 – as part of the Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development, and found that walking was related to emotional wellbeing, going for a ramble in nature benefitted social wellbeing and endurance training boosted how participants rated their own health. Plus, researchers also found that those adults with higher mental wellbeing when they were 42 were more likely to be active at age 50, compared to those who had lower scores in mental wellbeing. RHAPSODY IN BLUE Blueberries may be good for the heart. A six-month study, published in…

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design for life

‘We had a lot of family around there and not much money, but we had plenty of love’ As a TV host, magazine editor and interior designer, it’s easy to imagine that Shelley Ferguson would be the trendy mum, pulling up to school drop-off each day looking absolutely immaculate. Yet soon after we sit down, she is laughing about how she waved her two boys off to school from behind the wheel, still dressed head-to-toe in her pyjamas. This is a woman who knows not to take things too seriously, but it’s been a lesson hard-learned, from challenges along the way. Family life This year is Shelley’s fifth season as host of The Block, supporting the four teams as they compete against each other to renovate and transform a historic Auckland firehouse into…