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Good Health Choices Magazine NZ March 2020

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Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

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I have never had much success with meditation. Believe me, I’ve tried. I know a lot of people who absolutely swear by it and I wanted to get in on the (in)action. Unfortunately, I’ve always found it a chore. I love Ashtanga yoga, but I’m the person who is squirming during Shavasana, mentally going through what I’ve got in the pantry to make for dinner and wondering why on earth the lying down part is taking so long. I was pleased to discover that I’m not alone! As Trudie McConnochie learned, between 17 and 53 percent of the population feel anxious about ‘relaxing’ activities such as meditation and or getting a massage. Now, I have no trouble enjoying a massage and after reading her article, I feel like I should just…

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Steps to slim down Why a coffee a day could keep the weight away Reasons to walk more and a plan to get you started No gym? No problem. Try these moves at home Eat your way to wellness Seven days of tasty, easy keto recipes Low-carb meals to try from Luke Hines A lighter take on a fan favourite – sushi! Incredible women Pippa on motherhood and her fabulous forties Nats Levi finds balance after her fitness obsession Ella Williams on how self-belief helps her succeed Become your best self: be informed, be nourished, be energised, be inspired, simply be... Health hacks The low-down on IV vitamin therapy Treating painful periods with acupuncture Expert advice to protect yourself from illness Breathing for better sleep, stress and cravings For a happier mind How to boost your resilience Keep your holiday joy alive long after it’s over How to set your goals…

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LIFE IS SHORT What a lovely article on Art and Matilda Green! They both seem like such down-to-earth people and it’s been such a joy to watch their journey (especially after following them on The Bachelor!). When ‘reality’ TV so often seems like anything but, these two are an example of how you really can meet your other half in the strangest of situations and form a beautiful life together. All the best to them and little Milo – I’m sure there will be much happiness ahead of them. – Belinda HELPFUL READING The detox handbook in the February issue was such an eye-opener, it was full of really useful information. I really liked the tips on how to reduce your mental load and give yourself a bit of a recharge. Thanks for…

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renewed love

I will be honest; I stopped buying magazines years ago. But that is because they were gossip magazines and my need to know who Brad Pitt was dating was dwindling. Fast forward years later – I’m in my partner’s family home and I notice many issues of Good Health & Wellbeing sitting by me, so I decide to have a flick through while I hang about. Well, a flick through turned in to an intense read while taking photos on my phone of tips, recipes, and specifically in one issue, wellness retreats. Your magazine has turned me back on to being excited to read magazines again, especially when the content is far more fulfilling to read than which royals are getting in to trouble!…

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keeping track

Expert advice and new what in ’s health and wellbeing There is an abundance of health and fitness apps at our fingertips now, from recipe and workout apps to calorie counters, sleep monitors and guided meditations. Something relatively new on the scene is fertility trackers. As more and more women are looking for natural methods of contraception as opposed to synthetic hormones, fertility trackers are rising in popularity, and many other women are also using them for the opposite reason – to try to maximise their chances of getting pregnant. The idea is that by tracking bodily changes such as temperature, fluid observations, periods and sometimes physical symptoms like sleep, skin and pain, you will be able to avoid or achieve pregnancy by knowing when your body is at different stages of your…

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health now

LIGHT NEWS Do you take precautions against blue light but still struggle to get to sleep? It might be the brightness of our screens – not the colour – that interferes with sleep. By studying the effects of different wavelength lights on mice, researchers at the University of Manchester found that those exposed to bright yellow lights had more difficulty falling asleep, compared to mice exposed to dim blue lights. When examining the S cones in the retina, which forms our perception of colour, it was found that blue colours did not affect the body clock as significantly because the colour blue is more naturally associated with night time. This means that, contradictory to what we’ve been previously told, using dim, cooler lights in the evening may be more beneficial to…