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Good Health Choices Magazine NZ

Good Health Choices Magazine NZ April 2020

Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

New Zealand
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ageing well

Most of us have a vision of how we’d like to end up in old age. In an ideal world, I see myself still heading to yoga, splashing around at aqua-aerobics sessions, going for walks with my husband, reading shedloads of books, catching up with friends and being treated to the odd dinner out by my children. What I’m hoping to avoid is being bedridden, ill and unable to do any of the things I love. In this issue, writer Linda Music talks to a number of people who are redefining ageing and examines some of the scientific breakthroughs that may keep us hale and lucid in our twilight years. Our beautiful cover star, comedian Hayley Sproull, opened up to Erin Fisher about how PCOS has taken a toll on her health…

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at a glance

Happy skin & graceful ageing What makes us feel old and how to turn back the years The signs of melanoma and steps to protect yourself Skin-loving innovations in the world of beauty Looking after your health Maybe baby? Fertility in your 20s, 30s and 40s Boost your immune system for the months ahead All the reasons to add walnuts to your diet Get moving, get outdoors! Common CrossFit myths debunked Find the best exercise for your posture type Gardening can be therapy for mind, body and soul Become your best self: be informed, be nourished, be energised, be inspired, simply be... Personal challenges Hayley Sproull on self-love and life with PCOS George FM Breakfast host Kara Rickard on resilience Expert advice on negative self-talk and overthinking Let go of FOMO and discover JOMO Recipes galore Easy meals to spice up your work lunches Delicious goodness from a nutritionist Pete Evans…

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have your say

AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR HEALTH I picked up a copy of Good Health & Wellbeing recently and it was the first time I’ve read a print magazine in years. It was such a great magazine and I read it from cover to cover. I loved it so much that I actually subscribed for a year, yesterday. I can’t wait to receive my first issue in the mail! Love your work! – Althea Write in and WIN! The star letter featured in our May issue will win a stress and sleep support pack from Kiwiherb, valued at $260. Kiwiherb’s new Sound Asleep is the natural way to support sleep, and calm restlessness often brought on by stress and worry. This fast-acting herbal formula combines passionflower, New Zealand-grown skullcap and withania, traditionally used in Western…

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star letter

GREAT KIWI READ I bought the February 2020 Good Health & Wellbeing magazine to read while relaxing on the beach in Gisborne. What attracted me was Art and Matilda Green on the cover, but as I read the magazine I was inspired and intrigued by many of the articles. The mini detox magazine had a lot of great suggestions, which I hope to implement, and the migraine remedies also came up in a conversation and I was able to pass on some of the tips I’d read. I also thought about listening to podcasts and was delighted to find there were a few suggestions in the magazine, which I now follow. If the sunny weather continues, I look forward to finding some more “me-time” to read what’s coming up next. I…

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in your sights

It has been drummed into us since we were children to ‘slip, slop and slap’ on sunscreen to protect our largest organ, our skin, from solar UV (ultraviolet) damage and melanoma, but did you know UV rays can also play havoc on our eyes? In New Zealand, our UV radiation levels are particularly high and that’s why it’s important to not only wear sunblock and a hat, but also to slide on a pair of protective sunglasses. All of us, especially children, can be affected by UV damage and as a nation that enjoys spending time outdoors, be aware it’s not just the intense noon day sun that can be harmful. Even on cool, cloudy days it’s imperative to wear UV protective eyewear all year round because UV radiation can reflect from…

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health now

ANOTHER OPTION New treatment proven to stop depression in its tracks For those who are on an oral contraceptive pill but have trouble remembering to take it each day, scientists are currently developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a month. The gelatine capsule dissolves in the stomach, releasing a six-armed structure that sits in the stomach and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy for at least three weeks. The technology and dosage is still in the early stages of development and has only been tested on pigs so far, but experts are excited at the prospect of more expanded options for female contraceptives, especially for those in the developing world where health services can be limited or difficult to access. TAKE CONTROL Live More Think Less (Icon Books, $32.99) from…