Goodfellas men's magazine

Goodfellas men's magazine

October 2020

Goodfellas is a good magazine, so you can see exquisite and hot models, as many as 70% of our pages are full of girls. We also have real articles of hot stories, advice, sexuality and so many interesting topics for males.

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the madness after the covid

When the Covid finally begins to let us live, we are left with some bad problems, such as the new psychology, the new pessimistic way of seeing life, and above all an almost traumatic stress, which I hope many can cure without medications. Your good writer wants to narrate a series of circumstances lived, and carried out by several men, given that if before women were a difficult subject with high analysis, now they are very difficult and without the opportunity for analysis. Its writer returned to the streets last June, after more than 3 months in prison for quarantine, thinking of going to talk to girls in supermarkets, open Tinder and in effect return to return to conversations from the past. For this I resumed my plans, got in shape, improved my…

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hot lubrication, the worst option for man…

My girl asked for new sensations, so I went to the sexshop, looking for news, I can tell you that I discovered many things, but even if she wanted new sensations, I can really say that I know her and she is somewhat conservative. So I decided to start with small changes, something really calm, so the girl from the sex shop suggested a gel, orgasmic lubricant, based on the sensation of heat. A simple gel that helps my girlfriend to obtain orgasms based on a sensation of heat, it really seemed harmless to me, a good starting point for the new sexuality that awaited us. The time has come, I applied this to my penis, and in doggy style, I penetrated it, the real story you will know that if it stimulated…

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ups and downs, it's time to buy, it's time to sell

The post Covid changes have reduced and increased many things in our society. This is the clear case of the thousands of restaurants, shops, companies and brands that have closed around the planet, but it is also the case of several brands, products and companies that have strengthened and grown throughout the planet. That's why I want to present you a top of things to buy, and a top of things not to buy: Things to buy: 1. Homes and real estate investment: Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who has savings money or a good credit history, you can take advantage of this great moment where many unemployed and rentiers need cash to live. Great offer of real estate, you can arrive and intelligently get something good for less than half…