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May 2019

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{ from the editor }

IN THIS MONTH’S cover story, Brian Setzer declares, “Rockabilly never goes out of style,” and whether or not the genre is to your liking, it’s difficult to dispute that both it and other forms of early rock and roll have proved remarkably long lived.Speaking personally, the 1950s weren’t much my thing when I was a kid. I was born with the British Invasion. About the only music from the previous decade I’d listen to was the Chess Records compilation Chuck Berry’s Golden Decade and a couple of seemingly ancient singles that had been floating around our house: Bill Haley’s “Crazy Man, Crazy” and Little Richards’ “Ready Teddy.” As far as I was concerned, that was all I needed from that bygone era.But by the decade’s end, my ears, like those…

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guitar player

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opening notes

Raid Dana’s Gear Stash!For this month’s contest, we’re giving away a Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion pedal. True to its name, this pedal is a wild combination of scratchy fuzz and gritty distortion, whose sound has been described as “a giant velcro strip being torn apart with great vigor.” This superbold fuzz has the controls you need to truly maximize your musicality while blowing the roof off whatever studio or club you happen to be playing in.For a chance to get this pedal on your board, send an email with “Conquistador” in the subject line to nbmgearcoordinator@gmail.com. Please note that all contest gear is “as-is.” The deadline for entries is May 20. Good luck! —DANA PARKERAxes of DweezilI’ve been a subscriber for 45 years, and I’m still occasionally blown away by…

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time traveling

BETWEEN HIS ORGANICALLY thick sustaining guitar tone and ear-catching note selection, Robin Trower is one of a few guitarists whose signature can be identified within a few seconds of hearing him play. He’s never been one to follow the obvious route in his soloing, choosing to energize his blues phrases with unexpected twists and an emotive quality that wrings the most from every single note.His career has been long, starting with the British R&B band the Paramounts in 1962 and continuing in 1967 with Procol Harum, the progressive-rock act with whom he made five albums before launching his own successful solo career in 1973. After hitting pay dirt with 1974’s Bridge of Sighs, Trower and his band racked up three more Gold albums, and he’s been going strong ever since.But…

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dead reckoning

PLENTY OF post–Stevie Ray Vaughan guitarists can approximate the blues virtuoso’s tone and style. What they largely lack is his ability to attack every note as if it might be their last.J.D. Simo sounds nothing like the Texas legend, but his guitar work has the same urgency and ferocity. His performances exhibit his go-for-broke style of playing and singing, as well as a relentless musical exploration that alludes to British power trios, southern rock, psychedelic soul and, most recently, the Grateful Dead. That adventurous spirit has been in evidence on Simo’s studio albums, including his latest, Off at 11 (Crows Feet).“I originally wanted to make a traditional ’50s-style blues record,” Simo says of the new release. “I started working in my basement with gear that would yield the sound I…