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embracing change

FOR me, the first snowfall of the year happened exactly when and where I wanted it to: in early October while I was chasing birds in the mountains of Idaho. Two friends and I had made the journey across the country in hopes of getting into Huns, quail, and chukarthose red-legged devils. The forecast had called for clear, blue skies and temperatures in the 50s, but as we loaded our bird vests and I let Lincoln, my retriever, out of the truck, gray clouds and a wave of cold air moved in. I wasn’t complaining. The drop in temperature would mean Lincoln could hunt longer and harder. It would potentionally keep the birds holding tight, and hopefully keep the rattlesnakes at bay. As hunters, we embraced the change in weather. There was…

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puppy photos!

SEND US A PICTURE OF YOUR YOUNG BIRD DOG It’s time once again to send us a photo of your sporting breed puppy for possible use in our spring 2020 issue. Here’s your chance to show off your little pride-and-joy/unholy terror, but hurry—the submission deadline is Friday, December 7. When you email us your pictures—and please, no more than one per contributor—include a brief message with your pup’s name, breed, age, and any interesting personality details, plus your name and complete contact information. EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO: Minimum size requirements for magazine reproduction are 5x3 inches at 300 dpi or 1,500 by 900 pixels. Most cell phones and digital cameras now take excellent photos, but make sure your phone or camera is set on the highest resolution possible.…

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This is my two-year-old German shorthaired pointer, Merle. He is an energetic, hard-hunting dog that likes to snuggle even harder. —Zachary White, Sumrall, MS Nellie is a 1½-year-old Labrador that loves hunting geese and ducks. She had a great first year of hunting fields and water in many states. —Robert Charles Bell, Madison, WI Turk is a five-year-old English springer spaniel. He has a love for birds, but his all-time favorite is the great ringneck pheasant. —Paige Hopkins, Tooele, UT PHOTO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES • Please make sure your phone or camera is set on the highest quality jpeg available. • Submit no more than two photos and include your dog’s name, age, breed and any additional interesting details, plus the town and state in which you live. • Submission does not guarantee publication. We…

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new gear

1 TOM BECKBE TENSAW JACKET It’s hard to beat a waxed jacket in the dead of winter. The Tensaw Jacket from Tom Beckbe is offered in both men’s and women’s versions. A waxed shelter cloth shell and a classic fit through the midsection for a full range of motion to swing on hard-crossing roosters make for a good combo when hunting in cold-weather conditions. A cotton lining keeps you warm, while a Bedford corduroy lined collar protects your neck from the bitter wind. $495; 2 RUFFWEAR BEACON LIGHT When sitting around the fire in bird camp, make sure your pup is visable with the Beacon Safety Light, which easily attaches to your dog’s collar. This high-performance light is waterproof and offers three LED color options (blue, green, and red), and three light modes…

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butter and bitter orange- basted duck

IS there anything better than hunting ducks over water with your favorite four-legged friend? Eating said ducks comes in as a close second. Mallards fattened on the agricultural seeds and grains along their migration routes are some of the tastiest waterfowl. Ducks are often eating the same things as domestic livestock to fatten them up before slaughter. To take full advantage of the fat the birds have stored, make sure to pluck the best birds from your hunts for roasting. Feel the breastbone for plump deposits of fat, and make sure the bird doesn’t have too many shot holes. Duck fat, also known as confit, is used by world-renowned chefs for making the richest-tasting recipes, so why would hunters not take advantage of a fat duck in hand? A long, slow-roasting…

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cold-weather preventatives

IT was a harrowing situation, and one I could have prevented. But it was in the waning days of a waning season, and I wanted to get in one more hunt. My friend, Chuck, and I were hunting Huns an hour’s drive from our homes. The temperature was in the low 20s, and the wind was howling. But we’d driven a long way, and we decided to put the dogs out anyway—his Brittany, and my English pointer. We hadn’t been hunting long when I noticed that my pointer, Suki, was acting strangely. She would run no more than a dozen yards from my side and then return, anxiously scanning my face. Whenever she was close, I noticed she was shivering. As anyone who hunts over English pointers in the northern half of the…