Gun Dog June/July 2020

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dog days of summer

IT’S hot—really hot. I just recently made the big move from my home in the Midwest, where the humidity is staggering, to Utah, where temperatures can reach the 90s in the summer months. Sure, it’s a dry heat, but it’s still 90 degrees, nonetheless. This makes summer conditioning tough on my Lab, Lincoln. As much as he wants to play fetch and hike every night, the heat takes its toll and slows him down. Does this mean I keep him inside where I know he is safe from overheating? Absolutely not. Conditioning Lincoln is vital for his safety in the long run. When I hit the mountains for chukar in late September, I want to make sure Lincoln is in peak shape to handle the steep terrain. His muscles need to be…

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from our readers

My brother-in-law shot this amazing photo of my two-year-old British Lab, Breck, retrieving a hen mallard. Breck is from Double TT Kennels in Kansas, and is an incredible dog. —Ryan Frazier, Springfield, MO This is busy Bella baby. She is my six-month-old English setter out chukar hunting—but she’s looking to conquer the world. —Mark Johnson, Provo, UT Patches is our four-year-old Brittany spaniel. She is doing what she loves to do: bird hunt in northern New Jersey. —Janice Christensen, Rockaway, NJ PHOTO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES • Please make sure your phone or camera is set on the highest quality jpeg available. • Submit no more than two photos and include your dog’s name, age, breed and any additional interesting details, plus the town and state in which you live. • Submission does not guarantee publication.…

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springers love water, too!

I am a long-time reader, and I always look forward to getting my next issue of GUN DOG magazine. Always great stuff! I really enjoyed the “Never SpoilYour Bird Dog” article (March 2020). As a springer owner, I was glad to see springers make the list in the article “Top 6 Breeds for Beginning Bird Dog Owners” (March 2020). However, I was disappointed that you didn’t mention how good they are for waterfowl hunting as well. Obviously not big water or certain conditions, but so many hunters use them for waterfowl, including me. Here is a picture of my girl Beaux (Sunrise Super Nova) sporting her new Rig’Em Right vest we use for ducks. James Fritz | Gastonia, NC CONVINCING ARGUMENT Ben Brettingen presented a convincing argument for getting a second gun dog in…

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small but mighty!

GARMIN FENIX 6 ➜ The Garmin Fenix 6 is a small but mighty accessory that you won’t want to hit the field without. There is so much this watch does, that it’s hard to narrow it down. Two of the most important features are GPS and dog tracking. Thanks to multiple satellite systems, topographical maps sit conveniently on your wrist to help you navigate your hunting area. Users can mark waypoints, such as where your truck sits, in case you get turned around in the grouse woods. If you run Garmin’s Alpha 100, Astro 320, 430, 900, or 550+ you can pair your handheld with the Fenix 6 dog-tracking widget to see the direction and how far away your bird dog is on point. $700 | ➜ Cato Outdoors recently released the Cato…

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bella... be good: mastering four simple skills

ALTHOUGH we have lofty goals and expectations for Bella, I know that in order to achieve and exceed them, we will need to master a few simple skills first. After bringing her home, we wasted no time in getting started. There are many ideas and philosophies when it comes to raising dogs, and I am not here to tell you how not to go about it. Instead, I want to share with you some of the most effective things we do in order to ultimately achieve our end goals. Keeping this as simple as possible, lets break it down into the “Big 4” as far as necessity. • Heel • Sit • Stay (steadiness) • Here (recall) Understanding just how important these relatively four simple core skills are puts things into perspective. It’s not complicated,…

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prairie chicken samosas

PRAIRIE grouse have a robust flavor that stands out in any dish, allowing you to pair them with savory spices and still know you’re eating sharptails, prairie chicken, or sage grouse. The great thing about these birds is they are big and provide lots of tasty meat to work with. Samosas are a great way to make your grouse go further and appreciate the bird and the effort it takes to bring some home. The filling in these samosas is at least 50-percent wild game bird. INGREDIENTS FOR FILLING: 3 Tbsp butter, oil, or ghee1 lb. prairie chicken breasts(4 breasts), minced1¼ cups potatoes, peeled and diced (about 1 medium-large potato)1¼ cups onions, diced (about 1 medium-large onion)½ cup carrots, peeled and diced½ cup peas, frozen or fresh1 Tbsp fresh ginger, grated2 large garlic…