Gun Dog September 2020

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hit the dirt road

IF you’re like me, you’ve been counting down the days until the season opener since the final day of last season. Upland bird seasons are finally here and opening across the country! These are the days we live for. If you’re reading this magazine, it’s most likely because you share the same passion for the uplands—and bird dogs with mouths full of feathers—as us. You’re always looking toward the horizon, wondering what adventures it holds next. Prior to moving to Utah to be closer to chasing the birds of the West, I lived in Ohio and Illinois. Every summer I meticulously designed my fall hunt schedule. I would plan to be on the road for two weeks to justify driving 20 hours across the country to hunt, and I’d load my car…

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Deuce is a three-year-old Labrador retriever, and this photo was taken on our training grounds in Georgia. The photo was taken by photographer, John Holloway. I’m not sure who was more wet—Deuce or John. —Drue Poston, Thomson, GA Clancy is a three-year-old German shorthaired pointer from Pennsylvania. —Luke Pisarcik, Canonsburg, PA Chaos is a year-old Wirehaired pointing griffon. She’s a wonderful companion, and has an amazing drive for birds! —Mike Morrison, Alberta PHOTO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES • Please make sure your phone or camera is set on the highest quality jpeg available. • Submit no more than two photos and include your dog’s name, age, breed and any additional interesting details, plus the town and state in which you live. • Submission does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to reject images that aren’t…

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vested interest

HUNT REDI DEVIATE ➜ The name Hunt Redi says it all—Reliable Equipment Driving Inspiration. This young company uses cutting-edge technology to create a modular vest made with materials used on the battlefield that keep the vest ultralight and durable. The Deviate is innovative and enables you to customize it to your exact needs thanks to the FirstSpear 6/12 Modular Platform that allows you to connect any MOLLE/PALS accessories. A large game pouch sits at the back, while an extra-padded belt provides additional lumbar support to evenly distribute weight when your vest is loaded down. Attachments such as pouches and hydration must be purchased separately, or three variations of the Deviate are available with different accessories already included. $230 | FINAL RISE ➜ A vest designed by a hardcore wild chukar hunter who understands…

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bella... be good: work smarter, not harder

BELLA celebrated her first birthday in April, and looking back on the last 10 months, I can’t help but realize how quickly it has gone by. When in the moment, things seem to be standing still and progres can look minimal to nonexistent. But in the big picture, the time really does fly by and before you know it, dramatic changes take place. Long before I was ever paid to train a dog, my living was made working construction. I’ve always enjoyed building things, and there is a sense of satisfaction in recognizing physical changes and progress that takes place on a jobsite. When things went well, changes took place quickly. It was hard work, but also rewarding to see something literally develop and grow as you built it with your…

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lemon-paprika smoked quail

WITH small birds, I typically shy away from methods that require longer cooking times. Quail take little time to cook through, and being lean, they can dry out easily. Grilling over direct, high heat was always my go-to method—until now. I’ve discovered the delights of smoked quail, and it’s the best I’ve cooked yet. The little bit of smoke made all the difference in taste, and with the Greek yogurt marinade, the entire bird stayed moist and tender. I’ve used this method for grilling chicken and rabbit before, so why not quail? The acidity helped to tenderize the birds, while the longer marinating time allowed moisture and salt to penetrate. I’d marinate the quail for as long as 24 hours, but you can get away with overnight. The results were well…

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the completion factor

DURING one of the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with a long-time friend of mine named Jack, he talked about a common problem he’s seen in the house-building trade he has devoted his life to. He called it the “completion factor,” and it goes like this: The job isn’t finished until the last 10 percent is completed. In Jack’s opinion, too many people would pursue a project, and then quit when they were within spitting distance of completion. There is no better analogy than that for what I’ve seen in my years spent training dogs. I’ve watched inexperienced trainers spend months training their dogs in a focused, effective manner, only to then abandon their efforts when just a few more days of training would have set the dog up for a…