Gun Dog November 2020

Gun Dog Magazine is the best magazine for hunting enthusiasts who are owners of retrieving breeds. Each issue is guaranteed to be filled with useful information devoted to you, your dog and the sport of upland bird and waterfowl hunters.

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adding to the pack

THINGS have been a bit different around my house lately. My days start earlier, and I don’t spend as much time in front of the computer screen. Mud tracks are a permanent condition throughout the house, and pieces of sticks and grass are now just accent colors in my carpet. You might guess that I’m hunting, and that’s what’s causing the early mornings and the mess. You’re half right. I am hunting. But this season, I’m not just hunting behind Lincoln, my Lab. We’ve added a third member to our bird hunting family. In late June, I made the long trek from Utah to Minnesota to pick up our newest addition and causer of household messes: an English setter puppy. I’ve had a Lab my entire life, but my Grandpa Paul’s breed of…

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prime time gear

VICTOR REALTREE SUPER PREMIUM DOG FOOD ➜ Two companies that understand a thing or two about dog nutrition and hunting have partnered together to create a dog food line for active hunting dogs. The VICTOR Realtree Super Premium Dog Food is available in two formulas: MAX-5 PRO and EDGE ENERGY. The MAX-5 PRO formula has a 30/20 protein to fat ratio and is available with multiple protein sources. The EDGE ENERGY is a high calorie formula ideal for hardworking upland dogs. The EDGE ENERGY formula gives dogs 415 calories a cup and a 28/22 protein to fat ratio. Both offerings feature hip and joint support, and more. $55 (40 lbs. bag) | FIOCCHI GOLDEN PHEASANT ➜ The prime time of the season is here, so make sure you’re feeding your gun the right fire power…

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bella... be good: holding out for better

WHY do we dread so many things that we know are good for us? If I’ve got a toothache, it takes nearly unbearable pain before I schedule an appointment. Once I am done getting whatever needs to be taken care of, I feel instant relief and always wish I’d just gotten it done sooner. For me, the most difficult part of doing something unenjoyable is getting past the resistance and simply dealing with it. The process of hold conditioning can be like going to the dentist—most dread it. It’s not fun. Bella is 15 months old and has been with us for a little over a year. We are just now wrapping up the process of hold conditioning with her. The toothache that created the need to schedule an appointment was…

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banh mi pheasant burger

MOST wild-game-burger aficionados already know adding pork fat or pork meat is a proven method for binding ground game while also retaining moisture during cooking. In my experience, pork butt is the happy medium between the two techniques and both adds extra flavor and keeps the burger juicy. Note: pork butt is a cut from the upper shoulder—not the actual butt. Anything called pork shoulder is taken from lower on the foreleg. Most stores or butcher shops will sell sliced pork butt, or what some might call, “pork steaks.” Banh mi, from my understanding, literally translates to “bread” in Vietnamese. In the case of the sandwich by the same name, the bread component is just as crucial as every other ingredient. In this recipe, that means substituting a French baguette roll—something…

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embracing hardships

WE’D been to this place forty, maybe fifty times before. Over the course of a decade and a half of hunting together, Chuck and I had hunted this same ridgeline so many times we knew where every brood would likely be, because we’d found them in the same places year after year. But on this day, there were no birds. During some years there are blue grouse everywhere, and it isn’t unusual for the two of us, with two good dogs, to put up a dozen or more birds in a two-hour hunt. But on this day, we found nothing. That’s discouraging, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve kept journals off and on for thirty plus years, and even during excellent seasons—or what I choose to remember are excellent…

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travelin’ retrievers

THE desire and willingness to travel in search of upland adventure has never been stronger than it is these days. The availability of information on potential hunting spots combined with the opportunity to experience new species in new places is enough to get many of us to plan at least one hunting trip every season. This is a good thing for us and our dogs, but it doesn’t come without some considerations for our retrievers’ needs. This is especially true when you acknowledge that a lot of the planning will revolve around simply daydreaming about how productive the hunting will be; and hopefully, your trip pans out exactly that way. However, it’s also a good idea to plan for what can go wrong with your dog on a road trip, and…