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not a hobby, a passion

I HAVE a passion for the uplands that is hard to put into words. A passion so strong that when given the option to move home to Ohio, my heart was telling me to move west to live in the mountains and rolling plains that wild birds call home. I wanted to be closer, not farther away, from chasing the flush. My passion for upland birds overtakes my senses and sends a wave of energy through me. My demeanor completely changes, my friend told me last year, when grouse were flushing while we were hiking mountains in Idaho for bull elk. My heart pounded through my chest when I drew my bow on a ruff—the same feeling of adrenaline as if I were drawing on a bull. “I knew you’d text me…

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gun dog gift guide

CHIEF UPLAND OVER/UNDER VEST ➜ A vest that’s completely customizable? Count us in. Made with 1,000 Denier CORDURA waterproof fabric, the Chief Upland Over/Under Vest is made to withstand brush and briars, as well as rain and snow. MOLLE/ PALS compatible panels line the hip belt to easily attach the accessories you need most (sold separately). Choose between ammo pouches, water bottle holder, or a waterproof electronic pouch, or even a gun stock rest to customize your vest. Unlike most on the market, the Over/Under features a built-in vertical hydration bladder pouch with three hanging clips to hold up to a 2-liter bladder. An internal gusset along the bottom of the game bag lays flat until birds are added and retracts when empty. $149 (vest only) | BROWNING HEAVYWEIGHT SHIRT ➜ Lightweight hunting shirts can…

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bella... be good: the final foundation

IT’S hard to believe how much things can change throughout the year, and what a year it’s been. As the cooler months have arrived, my focus with Bella has been continued development of foundation. But, with it comes a welcomed change in many of our drills. They have become the real thing. It’s what we call the beginning of our transitional training and it’s a point that is completely predicated and based on the calendar and hunting seasons. I treat these first seasons shooting over her as extensions of our training. Now is when the value of her foundation is proofed. At about 18 months old, I felt comfortable bringing Bella to the field. She was steady, comfortable with gunfire, picking birds, lining and marking, delivering well, and understood basic handling.…

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pheasant booyah

DURING my two-and-a-half-year stint in Minnesota, I became familiar with a few dishes of which I was completely unaware of while growing up south of Chicago. And, no, I’m not talking about the traditional “just add Cream of Mushroom soup” line of recipes, but rather, here specifically, “Booyah.” What always intrigued me was the unique name. “Booyah” is just as fun to say as it is to make. It’s essentially a stew (much like how “hotdish” is essentially a casserole). It is the love that goes into it—as well as its name—that sets it apart from any regular stew we’d make in Kansas, for example. Though the recipe’s origins are murky, with immigrants from Hungary to Belgium laying claim to the original recipe, most folks suspect the name is a misinterpretation of…

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reading the wind

ONE of my pet peeves is jumping through too many hoops to work a dog into the prevailing wind regardless of perfectly rational reasons for doing otherwise. The following is a hypothetical example gleaned from decades of having endured this particular compulsion among acquaintances and friends, on more than a few occasions. Let’s say your buddy’s dog points a covey of Huns in the southwestern corner of a full, 640-acre section of land. The birds flush and fly 400 yards straight away, as Huns are known to do. But your buddy, who owns the setter you’re hunting over, insists on bringing his dog in downwind of the covey. In this example, since the wind is in the wrong direction, working your dog into the wind would require walking back to your buddy’s…

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a farewell

That’s the last sermon from me you’ll be forced to endure. Although my byline may occasionally appear in this magazine going forward, this will be my last regular column for Gun Dog. I’ll pause for a moment while the cheering subsides. The truth is, this wasn’t an easy decision for me to make. Working for this magazine for many years under Editor in Chief Rick Van Etten, and more recently, under Editor in Chief Kali Parmley, has been a pleasure, a joy, and a privilege. By my best recollection, it’s been something like 16 years I’ve been at this post, and the door was open to stay for another 16. But it’s time for me to go. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of you in the…