Gun Dog April/May - Spring 2021

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cheers to change !

THIS MORNING I saw a splash of green of a growing plant peeking through the dry, brown foliage that has littered my yard the past few months. It was a welcomed change. That seems strange to type since change is often associated with fear. However, this small plant brought a spark of hope to overpower the dampened mood the dull grey of winter often puts me in—and the mood 2020 overtook all of us with. A hard year to say the least—but 2021 is here and the new year brings change that is very much needed. This year is the perfect example of why we should embrace change rather than fear it. Why do we fear change? Is it because we are set in our ways and it comes with uncertainties?…

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better late than never

I am 75 years old and had never hunted a day in my life until we got this golden retriever from Sunfire Kennel. Star is now over 10 years old. I loved the article “The Underdogs” (Dec. 2020/Jan. 2021) about women and upland hunting! Great! – Carol Suitor | via email Carol, I say better late than never! I’m glad that Star helped bring out your love for the uplands. Our dogs tend to bring out the best in us, don’t you think? Happy hunting! – Kali Parmley | Editor in Chief HOW HUNGRY ARE WE? I read Jack Hennessy’s Pheasant Booyah recipe (Dec. 2020/Jan. 2021) and in the recipe he suggested using an eight gallon (32-quart) pot to make the stew. That seems like an awful big pot and an awful lot of stew for…

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spring supplies

ORVIS PRO LT HUNTING PULLOVER Cut the morning chill during spring training or the early season with the new Pro LT Hunting Pullover from Orvis. Available in both men and women’s versions, the Pro LT is made with a DWR finish to shed moisture and is made to stretch so you can swing on hard crossing birds with ease. The pullover is abrasion resistant to fight off thick brush, and when the morning warms up, the Pro LT packs down small to fit easily in your vest. Available in tan/blaze orange, olive, or camouflage. $129; K9 ATHLETE NEW DOG DAILY VITAMIN Whether you have a puppy full of energy or a seasoned gun dog, supplements to keep them running at their full potential are vital. K9 Athlete knows a thing or two about maintaining your…

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puppy power

PURINA PRO PLAN PUPPY CHICKEN & RICE FORMULA Purina Pro Plan is one of the most popular formulas on the market for sporting dogs—and for good reason. Their puppy formula brings the same standard and thoughtful design for your quickly growing gun dog. Rich protein helps feed your pup’s muscles, DHA from omega-rich fish oil helps nourish brain and vision development, and live probiotics help aid digestive and immune health—all critical components for your young dog. In addition, it is rich with calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals to help grow strong bones for a long future in the field. $48/34 lbs.; EUKANUBA PUPPY LARGE BREED FORMULA With powerful gun dogs in mind, Eukanuba’s Puppy Large Breed dry dog food is a complete and balanced nutrition for large breed puppies. High quality, protein-dense chicken is always…

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pheasant meatball pasta

My father-in-law, Bruce, learned to shoot his dad’s fixed full choke Ithaca semi-auto shotgun in high school. He is comfortable with it, has shot it straight for decades, and rarely misses. He also doesn’t hesitate to shoulder the gun whenever, and wherever, a rooster flushes. On the Kansas 2020 upland opener, the birds were running fierce, so when my dog put the first rooster up 10 yards ahead of us, Bruce promptly turned that first rooster into swiss cheese. What do you do with “adequately shot” birds? You either dice or grind, in my opinion. From there, you have a few options for ground pheasant: burger, sausage, or meatballs in this case. As a general rule of thumb regarding any form of wild game sausage, I incorporate 40 percent pork. For…

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respecting the process

In order for something to be finished, it has to first be started. That’s a pretty simple and logical statement that applies to most things in life. For many (myself included), the idea of finishing something comes with a sense of satisfaction and often is paired with a feeling of accomplishment. To “finish” something means to bring a task or activity to an end; complete. For something to be “started” means to begin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space. As it relates to dogs, “finished” and “started” are completely relative terms. I like to put less effort into defining them and more focus on what consists in between them. I’m just now wrapping up training with a young dog named Bella who was the focal point…