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the golden rule

I’M FORTUNATE that I get to talk to a lot of dog trainers every day for my job. Those talks allow me to hear differing methods and opinions on training and provides me insight into the wide variety of styles used to train bird dogs. Before bringing home my English setter puppy, Jones, I read a number of books and watched many videos. Each had their own methods for training pointing breeds. Yes, the foundation was always similar, but each trainer had a means of doing things that they found successful and stuck with it. It left the door open for some confusion on my part. What method was “best,” and which should I train my setter with? Do I teach him to sit? One trainer said yes, another said no. Do…

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young blood

My name is Ty Haws and I am 13 years old. I have a picture I wanted to show you of my dog, Millie. She was 8 months old. She is an English pointer and she is my very first dog. Over the summer she thought she was a Labrador retriever. I live on our family farm in Romulus, New York and the picture was taken at one of our ponds. Ty Haws|via email Hi Ty, thank you for the email and sharing the photo of your dog, Millie, with us. What a great photo! Congratulations on your first bird dog! The bond that you will build with Millie will be something that you will treasure for life. Bird dogs have a way of grabbing our hearts and never letting go—even through…

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e-collar round-up

SPORTDOG SPORTTRAINER SD-1275E If you’re running multiple dogs in the field at once, the SportDog SD-1275E is the perfect match. Oversized buttons on the front of the remote make it simple to toggle between collars to control up to six dogs at once. A large display screen makes it easy to see the selected dog, stimulation level, mode, and battery level. The SD-1275E ranges up to ¾ mile and also features 10 levels of static stimulation, vibration and tone to fit any dog and hunting situation. $220; DT SYSTE MS R.A.P.T. 1450 Which of your dogs is on point? The R.A.P.T. 1450 makes it easy to tell with separate beeper tones for up to three dogs. The R.A.P.T. 1450 features a unique curved transmitter with a strap to easily affix to your hand for quick…

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supple ment space

KINETIC HYDRO 30K This supplement from Kinetic is designed to encourage and facilitate proper hydration for your sporting dog. It also tastes good, and encourages dogs to slurp up. The tasty flavor mainly comes from plasma protein, which appeals to nearly all dogs. But not only does it taste good, this protein provides more long-term energy. Hydro 30K it is also packed with electrolytes, and a variety of energy sources. It contains simple carbs, such as dextrose, for an immediate energy boost, but it also includes maltodextrin, which behaves much like a complex carbohydrate in the body, providing more long term, sustained energy. $40; NUPRO JOINT & IMMUNITY NUPRO’s Joint & Immunity Support supplement can benefit both aging dogs and hunting dogs of all ages, where frequent impact on joints is a real concern. This…

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fabarm autumn

FOR SOME upland hunters nothing but a proper side-by-side shotgun will do, but the number of available side-by-sides has dwindled considerably since the days when you might walk into your local gun shop and find a brand-new Winchester 21 for sale under $100. This is due largely to the fact that fine double guns are more complicated to manufacture than other types of shotguns and require more hand fitting of parts. Nevertheless, hunting with a fine side-by-side is a special experience and every upland hunter should, at some point, own a fine double. There’s a magic to these guns that you must experience to appreciate. Fabarm understands that, and they’ve listened to a cadre of their customers beg them to build a good side-by-side for years. If you happen to be…

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grouse poppers & dates

FOR MANY upland hunters, the September grouse opener marks the beginning of hunting season. For my husband and me, it is a special, highly anticipated time of year. The doldrums of summer are coming to an end, and autumn—plus all that comes with it—is about to make a comeback. Unfortunately, September in Nebraska also means having to hunt in warm weather. Temperatures can reach well into the 90s, and while this might feel uncomfortable for both hunter and dog, it also does no favors for the flavor of game meat. It’s good practice to cool down your hunted meat as soon as possible. Fortunately for upland hunters, having to gut birds in the field is not necessary. Yet spoilage can occur, and that’s often due to negligence on warm days. While you…