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Gun Dog Magazine is the best magazine for hunting enthusiasts who are owners of retrieving breeds. Each issue is guaranteed to be filled with useful information devoted to you, your dog and the sport of upland bird and waterfowl hunters.

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happy birthday, gun dog

IN THE FALL of 1981, the first issue of GUN DOG magazine hit newsstands and 40 years later, the dream and ambition that was this publication is still alive today—and stronger than ever. It was the first Editor in Chief, Dave Meisner, that set GUN DOG apart as the premier sporting dog and upland hunting magazine with these words penned in his first Editor’s Letter: “GUN DOG will devote itself to the entire world of upland and waterfowl dogs, it has set its purpose the enrichment of their lives and those of their human companions. We will provide you with lots of educational and informative offerings, and will entertain you with first rate fiction, humor and nostalgia created exclusively for us by the best outdoor writers in the country. We promise you…

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from our readers

HEAR, HEAR! I received the Summer 2021 issue of GUN DOG and, as always, have taken the time to read it from cover to back. I read your Editor’s Letter, The Golden Rule, and wanted to add my congratulations to the multitude that is sure to reply in kind. The melting pot that was America has degraded into tribal pockets of cultures, beliefs—issues of a seemingly endless variety all claiming to be of the highest importance. Our sport has so many facets. Ethics, wildlife, and its habitat can be further diluted into game, dogs, shotguns, ammunition—even gender! It is not this diversity of means and methods that should be the emphasis, but the unity. The commonality of those of us that have a shared love for all of these finer qualities that,…

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early- season kit

ORVIS MEMORY FOAM BOLSTER DOG BED After a long, hot day in the field, your dog deserves a comfortable place to recover and rest. Enter the Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed from Orvis. The memory foam supports joints and muscles, while the three-sided bolster provides a backrest for your gun dog with ample room to stretch out. The quilted cover is extremely thick and soft, and the hypoallergenic liner ensures the memory foam stays dry. Once dirty, simply unzip and toss in the washing machine. Available in sizes S–XL. $230–$350; YETI SILO This water cooler from YETI is the perfect addition to keep you and your gun dog hydrated and cool in the heat of the early season. Keep it in the bed of the truck without a worry—the extra-thick walls hold up to two…

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mossberg international gold & silver reserve over/unders

THE MOSSBERG name may always be most closely associated with pump and semiauto shotguns, but Mossberg International is hoping to become a bigger player in the U.S. over/ under market with the release of their new Silver Reserve and Gold Reserve shotguns. These Turkish-made stackbarrels are available in a wide range of configurations that serve waterfowlers, upland hunters, and clay target shooters well. What’s more, with MSRPs starting at just $636, these guns are more affordable than other over/unders. SILVER VS. GOLD The new Silver Reserve Field guns (which are different than the outgoing Silver Reserve II models) are designed with hunters in mind, specifically those who want a more austere field gun at a very modest price point. The receiver comes with either a satin silver or matte blue and bears…

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dove & sunflower seed hummus on toast

I CUSS like a sailor when I hunt doves. No other outdoor activity has that kind of effect on me. Doves are quick, obviously, but every year, their Matrix-like moves never cease to amaze. Hitting feathers won’t take down a dove. Coincidentally, this slight, though clever, target is made of more feathers than vital area. Just when I think I’ve hit one, it keeps on sailing to the next county. Still, the same reasons that make doves so frustrating to hunt are also reasons that make them so thrilling to shoot. On good days, when my hunting companions and I could get birds close, there’s no better place to be in the world than standing over a field of sunflowers or hiding near a dead tree in the middle of Nebraska…

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adapting as a trainer

RETRIEVERS retrieve and a flusher will flush. It is in the dog, plain and simple. Where things get more complex is exactly how, and to what degree we require them to do those things. That answer varies based on several factors including genetics, training, and the handler’s personal preference. As a retriever, some are more than happy with a dog that simply gives chase and brings things back. Others need steadiness, the ability to line, handle with precision, and ultimately deliver to hand. When it comes to flushers, a quick Google search, “what’s the definition of a flushing dog” gave me two different answers, neither of which I think is right, wrong, or complete. 1. “Flushers are designed to locate birds and put them in the air hard and fast.” 2.“Flushing dogs…