Gun Dog October 2021

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to the duck dogs

I WOULDN’T make a very good duck dog. You see, I’m not much for sitting in a blind—I shake from the cold, not anticipation. My eyes are generally on my coffee when the sun starts to rise, rather than to the skies looking for silhouettes of early flying fowl. I like swimming well enough, but not if I have to break through ice to do so. I really don’t enjoy retrieving objects at long distances—or from places other humans wouldn’t dare go. Nope, none of that is for me. But duck dogs are different—a hardcore different. Their drive is found in what would seem like torture for me. They thrive in the coldest water, harshest weather, and nastiest terrain you can think of. A Lab loves water—there is no doubt about that. But…

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my outdoor tv

If you can’t hit the blind as much as you would like this year, don’t worry, My Outdoor TV (MOTV) has you covered. MOTV offers hunters their favorite hunt shows from Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network, all in one convenient location so you can watch whenever you want, wherever you want. MOTV gives hunters access to a library of 20,000 episodes of popular hunting shows, including Heartland Waterfowl and The Fowl Life. It gets better: The new MOTV HuntStream allows you to watch wingshooting content live via MOTV HuntStream or On Demand. GUN DOG subscribers can enjoy 25% off a MOTV annual subscription. Visit and use promo code GUNDOG21…

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KUDOS, TEAM GUN DOG! Ms. Parmley, I wanted to drop you a note to express my pleasure with the new magazine, both format and editorial direction. Perfect binding takes a publication in look and presentation from a pamphlet like presentation to a publication that earns a place on my outdoor library shelf. In the past, I would simply tear articles from GUN DOG that I wished to save. With the new format, I will tag the articles with a sticky note and put the issue on my shelf. The new photography is also a vast improvement both in quality and presentation. Kudos to the art director. And most importantly, the editorial direction. As a reader I benefit significantly from the blending of how to, state-of-the-art training techniques, and the romance of the relationship…

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waterfowl wish list

LUCKY DUCK LUCKY HD FLOATER Lucky Duck is in the motion business, and their latest creation is called the Lucky HD Floater. Hunt deep or moving water—you need it. It’s an oversized mallard with the solid weight and durability that’s tailor made for the marsh. It can find a home in deep river, but also work in the shallows. It runs on (4) AA batteries and is remote kit ready (sold separately). $110; RIG’EM RIGHT BLOODLINE ELITE DOG VEST Ducks, generally speaking, prefer waiting for the nastiest, coldest conditions when showing up to your local water. You need to keep your duck dog warm in between volleys. This vest from Rig’Em Right does just that. Five sizes are available so you can get the perfect fit for next-to-skin warmth, increased flotation, and protection against brush,…

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let’s launch

THE NEXT LEVEL. TO BE honest, tossing a bumper at thirty yards for your dog in freshly-trimmed grass will not adequately prepare him for sailing birds—especially if you like to shoot the occasional mallard. You need your dog to learn to mark birds much further, and to do that you need him looking out where the birds will fall. The best way to do this in training is with dummy launchers. Here is a list of some of our favorites. RETRIEV-R-TRAINER HANDHELD LAUNCHER The beauty of this handheld launcher lies in its simplicity and portability. Retriev-R-Trainer (RTT) invented this launcher in 1965, and it is still a favorite amongst trainers. With three different load options in .22 caliber blanks, you can advance as your dog is ready. Close, simulated gunfire adds to the realism…

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duck with apple stuffing & cider gravy

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I found an Irish pub cookbook in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble. While its cover bore no author, this collection of classic Irish recipes has become one of my most cherished cookbooks. The dishes tend to be seasonal, and they highlight local ingredients—the kind of food you’d expect out of a decent pub that cares about its vittles just as much as its drink. Also, they’re the kind of recipes that work well with wild game. One recipe that stood out to me was goose with apple stuffing. In Ireland, Scotland, and England, it was tradition to eat a young goose on Michaelmas Day (Sept. 29), also known as the Feast of Michael and All Angels. This medieval holiday falls near the equinox, when autumn begins…