Gun Dog November 2021

Gun Dog Magazine is the best magazine for hunting enthusiasts who are owners of retrieving breeds. Each issue is guaranteed to be filled with useful information devoted to you, your dog and the sport of upland bird and waterfowl hunters.

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wild unknown

“DO YOU EVER look at the mountains and just have this feeling of being home?” My friend, Laden, asked me as we stared into the vast wilds of the Bighorn Mountains while on a trip in Cody, Wyoming. Laden’s words struck me in that moment because I knew the feeling he spoke of—but “home” wasn’t the West for me in my youth. Growing up in rural Ohio, I didn’t have mountain ranges towering above me as I made my way through school. Instead, we had woods and farmlands and they each sparked a love of the outdoors and fueled my passion for the expansive West. The woods around my house ignited my imagination. I embarked on epic adventures with my Lab, Abby, and built “forts” along streambanks with my twin brother, Cory.…

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STI LL GOING STRONG Hello Kali! I was pleased to find my latest copy of GUN DOG magazine to have George Bird Evans and his setter, Briar, included in the article entitled "The Big 4-0" (September 2021). I still have the first issue of GUN DOG all wrapped up nice and safe. It just goes to show how much I think of your magazine, and editors and those who wrote such great articles. I remember every one of the names…they are all in my own writers “Hall of Fame.” I’m 95 years old and still hunt some and shoot sporting clays at the local gun club. I hope to be here to read the 50th anniversary issue. But if not, I’m sure my sons, grandsons, granddaughters, and great grandchildren will keep reading GUN DOG. –…

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season supplies

GARMIN ALPHA 10 Small but mighty, the new GPS and training device from Garmin packs a punch with multiple features built into a less than 3-inch tall unit. The Alpha 10 provides a directional arrow and distance to easily track your dog and can control up to 20 dogs as far as 9 miles away with customizable training functions including tone, vibrate, and 18 levels of stimulation. The unit can be paired with the Garmin Explore app on mobile phones for enhanced mapping solutions while afield. Hunting with a buddy and their dog? The Alpha 10 can be paired with compatible Garmin dog tracking devices, such as the Alpha 200i, to show your buddies location, as well as their dog. No more yelling across fields when a dog is on point…

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garmin alpha 200i

THERE’S SOMETHING to say about a company that listens to customer feedback and takes the time—nine years in the case of Garmin—to produce the next generation of a popular product. When the Alpha 100 hit the market in 2011, it took the hunting dog world by storm. Handlers now had a device that served not only as a GPS unit with preloaded topo maps, but it also allowed you to track multiple dogs, and operated as an e-collar so it could serve double duty as both a training and hunting tool. The Alpha 100 instantly became a ubiquitous tool in the gun dog world. But as with all products, there is always opportunity for improvement, and Garmin took almost a decade before releasing the next version of the Alpha, the 200i. “One of…

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chukar curry

YOUR CLASSIC Indian dishes like curry, are great for two things: a long slow simmer to tenderize wild birds, and a sauce that will take your tastebuds on a rapid transit of flavor. To get there and make this dish, time is required, along with the initial spice investment. Yes, there are several spices, some pricier than others, but they’ll last for many meals and after you try this recipe, you’ll be thankful you made the investment. While other Indian dishes may call for a yogurt marinade, I opted for a fairly simple brine here. A good brine works in two ways: it will imbue the meat with flavor, similar to a marinade, but, most importantly, the salt in the brine will bind to muscle fibers and help retain moisture when…

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weatherby 18i

THE 18i is the first Weatherby shotgun released since the company’s move to Sheridan, Wyoming—but these semiauto shotguns actually originate in Brescia, Italy where they are built by respected Italian firearms manufacturer, Marocchi. The 18i is available in three different versions including the line-topping Deluxe model with electroless nickel finish, laser engraving, chrome plating and a magnificent walnut stock. For those who prefer the practicality of a polymer stock there’s the all-black 18i Synthetic and the 18i Waterfowler model which is clad in Mossy Oak or Realtree camo. Regardless of which of these guns you select, you’re getting a solid, reliable semiauto that doesn’t cost as much as competing guns in this class. INERTIA-DRIVEN All 18i models utilize the inertia-driven system that was introduced by Benelli in 1986. To refresh, the inertia…