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Guns & Ammo September 2019

Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

United States
KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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reader blowback

MY BRING-BACK I thoroughly enjoyed the June issue with all the World War II coverage. (And there were no ARs featured!) Eric Poole’s editorial, “Drawing Straws,” reminded me of the very nice “CYQ” P.38 I acquired from a dealer a few years back. I asked him if he knew the backstory on it, but he only said that it came in as a bring-back from a World War II veteran. He had the vet’s name and number, so I called and asked how he acquired it. He told me that after the liberation of France, he was assigned to a detail with several others to confiscate all the firearms they could find in a small town. They had a small trailer attached to a Jeep and were filling it with guns…

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let’s ride

ALMOST EVERY YEAR for the past six, I’ve joined a group of firearm and bike enthusiasts for the “Motoschützen.” “Moto” signifies our affinity for motorcycles, and “schützen” translates to the German-military word for “marksman,” a homage to our passion for shooting. Combined, Motoschützen means that we do what we love: ride and shoot. The Motoschützen is 125 miles of riding a day over five days. Previous trips covered Colorado, Montana, Tennessee, Texas and Utah, but this year we ventured into Cody, Wyoming. Following our day rides, we returned to our cabins before dark and wrenched on our bikes at night. When we weren’t at the Cody Shooting Complex ( dusting clays, plinking with rimfires or smacking targets out to 1,400 yards, we were riding. Along the way, we conquered the Beartooth Highway,…

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the auction block

An elegant Jarrett Model JS Coup de Mort in .223 Remington, a single-shot heavy varminter, realized a respectable $5,000 in a June 2019 sale by Sportsman’s Legacy. Made in 2002, this classically-styled rifle features a tapered 27-inch stainless steel barrel and muzzlebrake, and is fitted with a Nesika action with a spiral-fluted bolt body and checkered bolt knob. The varmint stock features an ebony forend tip, broad flat-bottomed beaver-tail, steel grip cap, scalloped cheekrest with shadow line, and 26 lines-per-inch (lpi) bordered checkering. Condition of the piece is 98 to 99 percent. It included Talley Manufacturing’s 30mm scope rings and the original Jarrett invoice. For more information about this and future sales, contact Sportsman’s Legacy at 406-212-0344, or find them online at…

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identification & values

ODDBALL BOLO MAUSER Q: Perhaps it’s because I’m “old stuff,” I always check out your column first. Do you have any thoughts on this recent consignment I found at a local shop? I know it’s a C96 marked “Germany” on the left side and “Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf a Neckar“on the right. Finish is at least 95 percent with no pitting. All numbers on the grips, magazine, floorplate and all internals match. The tangent sight goes to “1000”. Now for the weird part: It’s a “Bolo”-type grip, but instead of a short barrel, this one measures 5½ inches from the bolt face. Even stranger is the fine knurling all the way around the barrel at the middle of the taper. What I’ve also never seen before is a sleeved and pinned front…

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recommended reads

“The Luger P.08 Vol.1: The First World War and Weimar Years: Models 1900 to 1908, Markings, Variants, Ammunition, Accessories” by Luc Guillou, Schiffer Publishing Company 2019, 80 pages. $25 Lest one be concerned that this book is only 80 pages long, rest assured they are 80 of the most jam-packed pages one will ever see in a firearms book. In full color, the layout of the publication is superb, featuring catalog and detail shots of guns, markings, variants, and ammunition, along with period photos. The text is economical, but loaded with pertinent details for collectors and historians. Originally written in French, the translation is great and the text is clear, informative and concise. All-in-all, a first-class effort. I will be eagerly looking forward to Volume 2. It’s available from Schiffer Publishing:…

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xtr take 3!

I ALWAYS ENJOY PLAYING with really nice scopes. I can’t afford every scope I want, but in this job I get to check most of them out, and for that I’m thankful. It makes me remember my youth; How many times did I wrestle with a cheap scope that did OK as long as I didn’t touch the turrets after having them zeroed? While the most affordable scopes are rarely ideal, as long as money is a finite resource, they are what most of us will be shooting. However, we live in a day and age when riflescopes have never been better. Performance across all metrics continues to improve while the relative cost for that same good performance declines. Ten years ago, $1,500 bought a pretty good scope, and $3,000 bought…