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Guns & Ammo October 2019

Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum rifles...reviews shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

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reader blowback

DUTCH TRAINER In response to the reader who sent in an identification request to Gun Room regarding his FN 1922 (June 2019), that pistol is indeed a training pistol for the Royal Military Police. The Dutch military had training pistols and rifles for all units before World War II. This one was used for the military police and the police troops, a special unit within the army to man bunkers and occupy bridges. They played a significant role in a short battle with Germany during May 1940. This training pistol was designed by J.L. van Florenstein and issued to training schools in 1927. In 1935, production stopped. The actual-issued pistol, the M25, was 7.62mm caliber. This information comes from “Nederlandse Vuurwapens” by G. de Vries and B.J. Martens. It is a…

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personal bests

WHAT’S THE FASTEST speed that you’ve ever driven? As if it were an achievement, most automotive enthusiasts I know can come up with such a number and recall the circumstances. (Mine is 144 mph.) Likewise, most marksmen can recall their longest shot. I’m perfectly satisfied with how fast I’ve piloted a car, but the quest to shoot farther with intent has been ongoing. “How far” didn’t matter to me until I had served several years in the U.S. Marine Corps. We renewed our rifle qualification annually out to 500 yards, which was farther than I had shot growing up. While training to be a primary marksmanship instructor (PMI) at the Stone Bay Ranges at Camp Lejeune, I watched scout-sniper students on the adjacent Hathcock range repeatedly engage targets out to a…

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the auction block

HOTCHKISS CANNON A rare Model 1892 Hotchkiss 1.65-inch, 2-pounder Friction Primed Cannon realized an impressive $30,000, including premiums, at the April 25, 2019, Morphy auction. This rare French-made gun (in French use, Canon Hotchkiss à tir rapide de 42 mm) is unusual in that it is still in its original friction-primed state, and has not been converted to centerfire. This steel-barreled Hotchkiss carriage has brass mounts and is complete with a high-quality reproduction ammunition box. The gun has been cleaned and painted, and the bore is in acceptable condition. Because of their attractiveness and small size, Hotchkiss guns make excellent collectible display pieces. For more information about this and future sales, contact Morphy Auctions at 877-968-8880 or morphyauctions.com.…

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identification & values

EAGLE-MARKED MODEL 1911A1 Q: I live in the midwest of Australia and my travels take me to some remote cattle properties. Visiting one such recently, and in conversation with the owner, the topic turned to firearms. He showed me a rather interesting 1911A1. It is blued, the slide is of Remington manufacture and has a beautifully engraved eagle on each side of the slide with accompanying highlights. From my meager information, the frame number is that of the Ithaca Gun Company production run. The pistol is in perfect condition, the bore is faultless, though when the cell phone photos are magnified you can see pitting under the bluing. The owner asked my opinion to which I replied that it was a very nice piece, also mentioning my subscription to an American…

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hollywood hardware

“TRAPDOOR” ARAB MUSKET While many film aficionados think the Colt SAA or Winchester Model 92 were the mainstays of Hollywood armories, I would submit that they have a series rival in the Trapdoor Springfield. These single-shot .45-70s were used in their natural state, as everything from Civil War muskets to highly modified pirate pistols. Clever cinematic gunsmiths found dozens of ways to change the Trapdoor into just about anything they needed. An example: A Springfield that’s been transmogrified into an Arab musket. A simple restructuring of the stock, a little fancy brass work, a faux flintlock mechanism and voila! You have a longarm fit to storm the walls of Fort Zinderneuf in the 1939 Gary Cooper version of “Beau Geste,” all courtesy of Hollywood Guns and Props, and the National Firearms Museum.…

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the truth about light

I RECENTLY RECEIVED NEWS about another horrible tragedy involving an armed citizen mistakenly shooting a family member. Luckily, the girl pulled through. This, of course, brought on a number of social media arguments about gun-mounted lights, handheld lights, how much light is needed, and all sorts of good and bad opinions about the use thereof. I don’t generally speak in absolutes in this realm, but for this article I’m going to get pretty close. First things first: Searching is not shooting. If there is no clear threat or the likelihood of a clear threat, your pistol should be holstered. Second: The light mounted on your pistol is not a search light; it is a shooting light. Any time you are searching your own home, you need to exercise an abundance of…