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Guns & Ammo January 2020

Guns & Ammo spotlights the latest models, from combat pistols to magnum rifles...reviews shooting tactics, from stance to sighting...and explores issues from government policies to sportsmen's rights. It's the one magazine that brings you all aspects of the world of guns.

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United States
KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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reader blowback

LOOKING FOR AN ARTICLE How can I get the article by Bob Milek on the 6mmx223? I had the issue back in the 1980s, but lost it. Glenn Barton Email The Bob Milek feature on the 6mmx223 appeared in the April 1982 issue of Guns & Ammo. We don’t maintain physical copies of back issues for sale or distribution, but I will be directing our digital team to post vintage articles at the reader’s request on gunsandammo.com. There, you will find these stories posted under the “Retro” category. I’d encourage anyone wanting to read similar features to visit the website often to see what’s new. If you have a story you’d like to see published online, send us an email at gaeditor@outdoorsg.com. — E. Poole FULL DISCLOSURE I read Keith Wood’s column in the September…

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wish lists

AN OLD TRADITION of Guns & Ammo has been for the editor to query contributors for new product suggestions. It’s been a decade since the last editor published a list like this, so I’ve decided to revisit the topic for the holidays. Here’s what our writers had to say: Tom Beckstrand “I’d like to see the Winchester Model 1886, ‘92 and ‘94 come back without tang safeties and rebounding hammers. Marlin could ditch the crossbolt safety while I’m offering up wishes. Let’s make lever-guns great again.” Craig Boddington “Give me a Savage 99 or Winchester 88.” Chris Cerino “Like any young man, I want a .22, but not just any rimfire; I want a Vudoo Gun Works Ridgeback rifle and a case of Lapua Center-X .22LR. I’ve been a real good boy!” Brad Fitzpatrick…

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the auction block

The finest known blued, boxed, Chicago Firearms Palm Pistol realized a very respectable $22,800, including premiums, at the April 25, 2019, Morphy Auctions sale. This particular specimen of a very intriguing 19th century repeater is in superb condition. Blued with hard rubber grip panels, it is apparently unfired. The pistol itself is accompanied by an extremely rare and original factory carton and 13 scarce period cartridges. The pistol, box and ammunition are contained within a custom-made walnut and glass display case. For more information about this and future auctions, contact Morphy Auctions at 877-968-8880 or online at morphyauctions.com.…

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identification & values

POST-WAR 1934 BERETTA Q: My uncle brought a pistol back after serving in Europe during World War II. I wondered if you could tell me more about it. Below the hook on the grip are the letters “BM”. On the magazine release are the letters “CS”. On the slide and above the trigger housing are the characters “G32XXX”, and above the trigger is “CAL. 9”. J.W. Springfield, Ohio A: Your uncle’s gun is a Beretta Model 1934. The caliber is “9mm Corto” (i.e., .380 ACP). M1934s were used by the Italian military in World War II, however this particular specimen appears to be a post-1946 commercial version, as it has a letter prefixed serial number and lacks military markings. I would hazard a guess that your uncle was probably in the Army of…

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recommended reads

“The Matchless Enfield .303 No. 4 Mk I (T) Sniper and Britain’s Elite Force of Scout/ Snipers Who Dominated WWII Battlefields” by Jeff John. Art in Arms Press, 2019, 72 pages, amazon.com The ambitious title of this book is an apt indication of its content. I have scarcely seen more detailed information about a firearms subject contained within such a modest, yet easily accessible sub-100-page package. The British No. 4 (T) Enfield sniper rifle is regarded by many experts as the finest arm of its type in World War II. Author Jeff John, by deft wording and superb artwork, shows us why. There are chapters on subjects such as the development of the rifle and optic system, how it was used in combat, accessories, handloading, cleaning, markings, and a history of…

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snapsafe trunk safe

SNAPSAFE was acquired by Hornady from former owner Tom Delattre in December 2015. SnapSafe built a solid reputation for its modular safes designed to be delivered directly to your home and then assembled in minutes. Featuring 9-gauge-thick steel exterior walls and 3/4-inch chrome steel locking bolts, SnapSafe advertised their products as having the security of a welded safe, but with the ease of mobility. Hornady has continued that business model and expanded their potential customer base. SnapSafe currently offers a variety of safe sizes, organizers and gun racks. Today, they also offer lock boxes, vault doors and auxiliary safes such as those located under a bed, inside a wall or in the trunk of a vehicle. The Trunk Safe was designed to offer storage for valuable belongings (not just guns), keeping them…