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August/September 2021

Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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walther q5 match sf black tie

WALTHER HAS DECIDED TO CAPITALize on its well-regarded Q5 Match Steel Frame and combine it with a custom-shop touch to produce the Meister line of pistols. These are hand-finished, hand-fitted guns, and some also are hand-engraved. The gun I received is called the Black Tie. This just could be the new Cadillac of competition handguns for the serious target shooter. But it’s not just about the looks, as the Black Tie has a lot of functional upgrades going for it. The barrel, slide and frame—and even the solid steel magazine base plate—are given a Tenifer nitride finish and then polished. But Walther didn’t stop there. These metal parts get an additional Stinox coating, which produces a satin finish that also protects against corrosion and wear. The grip is one piece, machined from a block…

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I’ve long been a revolver fan, so when I saw a major U.S. firearm manufacturer engineer a sixgun from the ground up, I was excited. Kimber’s K6s was introduced to shooters in 2016 with much fanfare. Revolvers, long considered dead, were making a comeback, and Kimber appeared to have timed the market perfectly. The K6s was offered in different configurations, but all of them were snubnose, internal-hammer, double-action-only guns designed for concealed carry. That changed in 2019 when Kimber introduced the DASA, a traditional double-action/single-action revolver available with barrels up to four inches. Though less concealable, the K6s DASA family is far more capable. The DASA is currently offered in four models. Two of them—the four-inch Target GFO and four-inch Target—have fully adjustable rear sights. The fixed-sight Combat models are available with…

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master commander

Fans of 1911s and fans of polymer-frame double-stack pistols have been going at it for years. Those who favor the 1911 will tout the firearm’s long history, which began on the bench of John Moses Browning himself: the gun’s decorated military career, its unmatched trigger pull and just-right balance. Polymer gun enthusiasts will counter that 1911s are heavier than most polymer guns and lack the latter’s prodigious magazine capacity. Perhaps the best carry pistol, then, is a blend of the best elements of both types. The notion that the original 1911 design could benefit from increased magazine capacity isn’t a new concept for even John Browning himself had a hand in designing the Hi-Power that combined 1911 DNA with 9mm capacity. High-capacity 1911s are nothing new, but few companies have done…

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guns & gear

SPRINGFIELD XD-M ELITE 3.8 COMPACT OSP It wasn’t that long ago the 3.8 was new. Now it’s new and improved with an optics-ready slide. This XD-M Elite combines 14+1 firepower with easy-to-carry dimensions (6.75 inches overall length, 4.58 inches high), and its slide is now cut to accept red dot sights. And you get the choice of buying either the stand-alone pistol or one that comes with Springfield’s Hex Dragonfly sight. It features the new META trigger, ambi slide stop, Tactical Rack U-Dot rear sight and a removable mag well that can turn the gun from a 14+1 to 19+1 with addition of a high-cap magazine. {$633 (pistol only), $818 (pistol with Hex Dragonfly); SPRINGFIELD-ARMORY.COM } LEUPOLD DELTAPOINT PRO 6 M.O.A. The DeltaPoint Pro is now available with a six-m.o.a. dot. This big dot…

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nighthawk custom leather

Nighthawk is now offering a full line of custom leather products, and like its pistols, the workmanship on these holsters is world class. Nighthawk begins with bark-aged native steer hides, and the leather is protected with a Flex-Guard natural leather sealant that protects against moisture and scratches, making them suitable for the abuse of daily carry. Each holster is fitted to the individual Nighthawk model for which it was designed, and the company offers options for pistol with Recon Rails and weapons lights and even holsters for its Korth revolvers. These holsters are available in different colors and in right- or left-handed versions. There are also matching leather magazine pouches and wallets. Holster prices range from $180 for the Classic Commander version (shown here) to $440 for the magnificent aged-oak-lined model.— BF…

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springfield ronin operator 4.25

NO GUN IN HISTORY HAS BEEN MORE refined than John Browning’s 1911 semi-auto pistol. Not that the original needed a lot of tweaking—today’s 1911 is, in many ways, very close to the gun that debuted over a century ago—but there are so many different versions of the pistol that it takes a lot to make a new gun stand out from the crowd. Springfield has done just that with the Ronin Operator, and now there’s a version with a 4.25-inch barrel and aluminum alloy frame to complement the five-inch, steel-frame Ronin that debuted last year. The new Ronin Operator 4.25 is designed for carry. The alloy frame is, naturally, lighter than steel, and the shorter barrel makes this version easier to conceal than its full-size cousin. The Ronin Operator 4.25 weighs just…