Hawaii Fishing News November 2020

HAWAII FISHING NEWS brings it all to you! Sportfishing in Hawaii is year-round! Aptly titled by HAWAII FISHING NEWS in 1977, the "Blue Marlin Capital of the World." Hawaii offers six species of billfish plus yellowfin (ahi), skipjack (aku), dogtooth, bonito, albacore & bigeye tuna. Other species of offshore game fish include wahoo (ono), dolphin fish (mahimahi), great barracuda (kaku) & rainbow runner (kamanu,or Hawaiian salmon). Bottom fishing is also popular in Hawaii with good catches of snapper at depths of 10 to 100 fathoms. Inshore waters of Hawaii, with 700 miles of fishable shoreline, draw the most activity from anglers. Heavy-duty shore casting rigs allow anglers to tackle giant ulua (jacks) of up to 200 lbs as they prowl the reefs at night. Medium tackle and ultralight fishing clubs have sprung up in Hawaii as anglers have discovered the excitement of fishing for the many other species that make the reefs and sandy channels their homes. Freshwater enthusiasts are not to be denied as Hawaii has more varieties of freshwater game fish than most areas of the mainland; these include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, oscar, tucunare, channel catfish and rainbow trout. What all this adds up to? Hawaii is a great place to fish!

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kayak fishing - immediately addicted

I’ve been watching my husband, John (Instagram: @sonstorm_808), kayak fish for a while. He started 10 years ago. Recently, he started taking me with him, and immediately I was addicted. I started catching bait and getting into some bottomfish action. Now I enjoy being offshore, especially when the reel starts to sing. I have my own PENN Carnage rod and PENN Squall Level Wind reel. Lately, my reel has been singing more often than my husband’s. We have been kayak fishing a lot since we both got laid off from work at the hotel due to COVID-19. I have been blessed to fight a fish every time we go out. I’ve caught mahimahi, ono, kawakawa, uku and ulua. My personal best ono weighed 42-lbs. On this last outing, I caught my personal…

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the importance of fishing

Dear HFN Readers, This pandemic has opened my eyes to the role fishing plays in my life and the lives of many of those in our community. Fishing was always something that I looked to for fun and recreation. It was my escape from the stress of daily life and the way I cleared my mind. In the past few months, fishing has become more important to me than ever! I have seen many people turn to fishing as a means to provide food for their families. This opened my eyes to how important fishing and diving are to our local culture and society. HAWAII FISHING NEWS has featured “Hawaii Fishers Feeding Families” in recent editions and documented how many people are relying on the fish recreational anglers are catching. It amazes me…

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a spearfishing tale: safety, seasick, shark & score!

When my wife, Jackie, and I first started dating, I really put our relationship to the test with my spearfishing and fishing excursions. One of the first outings I took Jackie on was a bluewater spearfishing trip with two of my dive buddies, Dillen and Robin. We were still very inexperienced as a group hunting pelagics, but most of us had been in very rough water and dealt with sharks on occasion. This was a trip on the original SLAMMIN’ SALMON, a beat-up 11-foot rigid inflatable boat with a brand-new Yamaha 20 HP outboard. The trip was to Ka‘ena Point from the west side of O‘ahu, and the conditions were calling for 10 to 15-knot winds with a 3 to 4-foot swell. These were not ideal conditions. We were confident in…

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lessons learned

I am lucky to have a father that taught me how to be comfortable in nature and how to fish. Over the last couple of decades, my father and I have been camping and fishing various sections of the Deschutes River, a major tributary of the Columbia River in Oregon. Most recently, we took a five-day trip from Warm Springs to Trout Creek. This 10-mile section is most easily accessed by drift boat, raft or even small kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Being on the water in Warm Springs brought back memories from my childhood. Sage filled the air as we started our adventure downriver. It’s been our recent tradition to crack open a beer and take in the sounds of nature. Osprey can be seen scanning the river for a…

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wahine captains

I have to admit that I am new to the fishing community and still have thousands of hours of learning ahead before I will feel comfortable with having any type of credibility in this industry. Being female, I sometimes feel even more challenged in such a male-dominated sport. Since becoming a part of the fishing world through my business, Sun Dot Marine, I have a newfound fascination with females in this business and a passion to uplift the wahine in my community. During the last few months, I was blessed to meet a couple of female boat captains. Now I have an even higher level of appreciation for these hardcore, extremely kind and inspiring ladies. I can’t believe how few boat captains are female here in the islands, and I think…