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Hi-Fi Choice October 2020

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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kimber ks phono tonearm cable

PRICE: £2,400-£7,650 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: RUSSANDREWS.COM REPLACING THE PREVIOUS KS-1216 and KS-1236 cables, Kimber’s three-model KS (Kimber Select) Phono range comes in copper (CU), hybrid copper-silver (HB) and pure silver (AG) variants. The company says that each cable shares a construction methodology based around four 24 AWG signal conductors insulated with dye-free, air articulated PTFE to ensure minimal capacitance and dielectric losses and maximum integrity. The CU version uses copper for the four conductors, while the HB and AG cables are made using pure silver. Shielding, to ensure the signal remains pure and hum-free, surrounds the four conductors and is manufactured using a 44 AWG, heavy (8 percent) silver-plated copper shield – the company claiming it can be drawn to finer diameters to give greater coverage while retaining flexibility. This design is common to…

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group test verdict

IN SIXTH PLACE is Grado’s Gold3. It’s the cheapest here and has a rather charming and lovely sound, albeit one that’s not hugely accurate. I am quite taken by how musical it proves, yet it commits too many sins of omission to rank higher. Some will adore it, though, so audition it if you can. Fifth place goes to the Rega Exact. It’s almost the precise opposite of the Grado in terms of character, with a crisp, clean, tight and percussive nature that majors on information and pace. It’s really good at the price and impresses a lot, yet proves a little thin tonally and doesn’t quite have the charm that many are looking for in a phono cartridge. Sumiko’s Moonstone ranks fourth; there’s an awful lot that’s right with this cartridge.…

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unique group tests

Hi-Fi Choice employs the most methodical test and measurement regime in the business. Here’s how we do it… CARTRIDGE GROUP TEST COMPARING SIX DIFFERENT cartridges back-to-back is not a logistically simple feat, so two stages are used. First, each product is fitted and aligned to a Michell GyroDec/TecnoArm turntable and run for a day or two to break-in the cartridge and get a general impression of its sonic character. After this, each cartridge is fitted to an identical Technics headshell and aligned to SL-1200 Mk2 geometry using a Mobile Fidelity Geodisc. The Technics detachable headshell means that speedy back-to-back comparisons can be made, with just the arm balance and height needing to be adjusted. This is done with a set of Ortofon cartridge scales. Tracking force and bias are set to the manufacturer’s…

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Darren Orth Rotel CTO HFC: What prompted the return for Michi and why now? DO: The original Rotel Michi series was launched in the mid-nineties and was mainly aimed at the home (Japanese) market despite quickly achieving a global reputation. Twenty-five years later we felt there was nothing of this quality currently in the market, so we embarked on a three-year project to develop a series of completely new and dedicated electronic designs that combine superlative performance with real overall value. The new range doesn’t appear to have any Rotel branding on it. Is there a difference between Rotel and Michi? It would have been easy to simply build a bigger, better Rotel, however this would not have been true to the heritage of those original Michi products. So our engineers returned to the…

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nell bryden

CD Absolute BRYDEN ALLUDES TO the high priestess of singer song-writing, Joni Mitchell on These Changes – a dangerous association to invoke as it can bring with it comparisons that might not flatter. This collection covers Bryden’s singles output – the type of big production, hooky pop that Annie Lennox and Sarah MacLachlan have been serving up for years. Lots of reverb-swathed vocals, robotic percussion and an unspecified romantic angst. It’s perfect for Radio 2, playing through warehouse tannoys or from a decorator’s paint-spattered radio. Its fine, inoffensive, music to put together flat pack furniture, but it’s not Joni. But then who is?…

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CD CD HLL CLAUDE DEBUSSY’S EAR for tonal colour was perhaps the most fastidious of any composer who ever lived. Just listen to the second movement of Iberia from Images with its delicate evocation of a warm summer night if you don’t believe me. Sir Mark Elder’s performances of this glowingly sensuous music seem straightforward. Yet this is deceptive. Many subtle details, previously unnoticed, emerge. The shimmering orchestration of Et la Lune... by Colin Matthews is a great bonus. The recording sounds warm and rich, setting the Hallé in a clear but nicely hazy ambience that lends mystery without losing detail.…