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Hi-Fi Choice June 2021

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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touch the sky

In a world that is characterised by ego, narcissism, grandstanding and self-aggrandisement, somehow Kanye West’s megalomania still manages to stand in a class of its own. When he headlined the Glastonbury Festival in 2015, Kanye modestly told the crowd he was: “the greatest living rock star on the planet”. Five years later when he announced his intention to run for the White House, he had set his sights even higher. “I’m here to express why God has chosen me to take this position,” he said. That he was: “undoubtedly the greatest human artist of all time”, he added, “is not even a question at this point. It’s just a fact.” Think Muhammad Ali crossed with Bono and you’re still only half way there. He once posed for the cover of Rolling Stone…

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record store day 2021 - first drop!

AS REPORTED IN the April issue, this year’s Record Store Day will follow last year’s pattern and take place internationally on more than one occasion. RSD decided on the multi-date scenario in the hope that it will aid independent record stores who may be struggling to re-open after so long shuttered by the COVID lockdown restrictions. The drops will be on 12 June and 17 July and, as always, there are tons of ace vinyl exclusives on offer. Here we have selected a few of our favourite forthcoming RSD releases from the first drop to help you add to your collection and put some much-needed funds in the coffers of your local indie vinyl retailer. We’ll chose a few more to recommend from the July drop in next month’s Audiofile so watch…

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buying guide

CD PLAYERS Audiolab 6000CDT PRICE: £380 REVIEWED: HFC 447 The 6000CDT is exceptional at revealing what’s on your discs to deliver a great big soundstage with plenty of detail inside. It can dig down deep into the mix to eke out the different musical strands while dynamically and rhythmically it’s hard to beat at the price. In short, it’s a super, highly affordable audiophile CD transport. Métronome Technologie Le Player 2S PRICE: £5,100 REVIEWED: HFC 449 As good as the sweet treble and rich bass are, what really impresses here is how when fed weaker CDs and impoverished MP3s the delivery remains unflappable and composed as layers of detail are locked into sharp focus. Cambridge Audio AXC35 PRICE: £300 REVIEWED: HFC 454 Something of a budget marvel, you’ll have to work extra hard to get the AXC35 to put a foot wrong.…

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reasons to be cheerful

1 ABOUT BLOODY TIME After what seems like an eternity, My Bloody Valentine have finally allowed their entire back catalogue to be released to streaming services. The band signed to Domino Records back in March when all the tracks became available, and on 21 May new physical editions of each album will be released, Isn’t Anything (1988) and Loveless (1991) being mastered fully from analogue for deluxe LPs and also mastered from new hi-res uncompressed digital sources for standard LPs. Also for the first time, 2013’s mbv will be available on deluxe and standard LPs as will the b-sides and rarity compilation ep’s 1988-1991. 2 HAVE MERCY! On sale from 9 June via Rare Bird Books, Permanent Damage: Memoirs Of An Outrageous Girl is the autobiography of Mercy Fontenot, aka Miss Mercy, the…

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audio evo-lution

PRICE: £650-£2,250 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: CAMBRIDGEAUDIO.COM CAMBRIDGE AUDIO HAS launched Evo, its all-in-one music player which the company says: “gives you instant access to all the music in the world,” and “represents an evolution in hi-fi: an all-in-one music player that combines timeless design, cutting-edge technology, streaming smarts and incredible audio performance into one streamlined and compact box. You simply need to add speakers to start enjoying music.” Designed in London, the Evo sports walnut wood side panels to complement the black anodised aluminium cabinet and comes with a choice of formed black side panels made from Richlite, a new material that’s produced primarily from recycled paper. The side panels can be switched out according to each customer’s preference. Completing Evo’s design is a dual-concentric rotary dial and large 6.8in LCD display panel…

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unique group tests

STANDMOUNT LOUDSPEAKERS GROUP TEST ALL SIX OF this month’s contenders are given a few hours of general running-in time before testing begins in earnest to discern toe-in and proximity to the rear wall, and those speakers that have bungs are tested both with and without them in place. The speakers are placed on a pair of Partington Dreadnought stands (the exception to this being the Q Acoustics, which is tested on its own stand in the manner of how it is sold) before levels are set with a pink noise test tone and by checking the voltage at the speaker terminals with a meter. The real-world sensitivity differences between the six cabinets here is sufficiently small that only relatively fine adjustment is required With this done, the test programme is played…