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SMOKE AWAY THE PAIN A recent study by researchers from Israel examined the efficacy of medical cannabis for treating chronic pain, with a focus on long-term pain management. The study was published in the European Journal of Pain and conducted by a team of researchers associated with the University of Haifa, Israel, who observed patients over the course of one year and examined how cannabis impacted chronic pain conditions and how much relief they reported. Researchers checked in with participants after one, three, six, nine and 12 months following the treatment to see how they responded to medical cannabis. At the 12-month marker, participants reported that the average pain intensity dropped from baseline by about 20 percent. Other parameters improved by 10 to 30 percent, and researchers noted a 42 percent…

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Tweet your best high observations and comments our way (@HIGH_TIMES_Mag) for a chance to be featured on this page! And be sure to follow us on Facebook: (Facebook/HighTimesMag) and Instagram: (@hightimesmagazine) for all the latest news as it’s happening! @CanabisCorner @HIGH_TIMES_Mag and @govkristinoem What the state fails to realize is that by legalizing, they are opening a brand new source of financial income that can ultimately provide a means to repair any infrastructure issues they may have; such as repairing roadways, bridges, healthcare, etc. @Chefchuy4life @HIGH_TIMES_Mag 5 years sober from alcohol thanks to [cannabis]. @weeducating @HIGH_TIMES_Mag Cannabis can give ppl a choice. Alcohol dependence is physical and people can even die from withdrawal. Weed helps with both those factors. @JimOfficious @HIGH_TIMES_Mag Given a choice between alcohol and weed, I’d choose the weed every time. @GimbleIi…

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good trouble

What causes the blood of advocacy to course through our veins? From what you’ll see within these pages of our Advocacy Issue, the calling to demand change and justice lies within each of us. For some, the motivation to help and heal humankind comes from possessing an abundance of compassion and a natural drive to provide service to our fellow allies. For others, it’s the act of overcoming extreme challenges and adversity that inspires the will to forge an intentional path of resistance or support. Thanks for joining us for our annual Advocacy Issue, where you’ll find inspiration old and new that tugs at your heartstrings and will have you grateful for those on the frontlines who are making medical cannabis and justice a reality for as many people as possible. We’re celebrating…

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MISSING THE GOAL I love football. The thrill of looking forward to the Super Bowl every year is like looking forward to a much-needed vacation. There’s great food, decent commercials, good company—it’s pure bliss. What I don’t love is how the NFL still limits the players’ personal use of weed. Those guys put their lives at risk when they crash their skulls together. While they do get paid a lot, it isn’t enough to trade money for the chronic pain that they might experience for the rest of their lives. I get that the Super Bowl is one of America’s most popular unofficial holidays, and it’s considered to be a family event and maybe the NFL doesn’t want cannabis associated with that. But why not let the players privately use whatever…

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the fight’s not over

We’re traveling to the Midwest to visit Indiana, a state that only permits CBD oil. You read that right—there are still states in the United States that lack the decriminalization of either medical or recreational cannabis. Jeff Staker, the founder of Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, is a badass, to say the least. He served as a US Marine Corps scout sniper for 11 years, which required him to attend what is considered to be one of the most difficult military schools in the world. Then, for the past 22 years, he worked as a member of the Department of Defense security police and retired as a DoD civilian firefighter in 2018. Through the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and Disabled American Veterans, Staker has been a champion…

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the dawning of a new era

As we usher in a new era, with a new leader of the free world projected to take office on January 20, President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration could mean big changes for the marijuana industry. Take a look, for example, at the surging share values of marijuana stocks in anticipation of new possibilities. Biden face uncertain times, as the election results overcame legal challenges and disinformation. Last year’s election was wild, to say the least. Practically no election-count tabulations were agreed upon across party lines, a far cry from the bipartisan nature of marijuana-reform bills that passed in numerous states at almost a full sweep. By November 7—four days after Election Day—most major news platforms had declared former vice president Joe Biden the projected winner of the 2020 election, since Biden…