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A NEW HOPE Results from a new clinical trial suggest promising evidence of the efficacy of cannabis extracts to treat children with autism. The study was published February 3 in the journal Molecular Autism. Researchers examined the effects of whole-plant cannabis extract containing both CBD and THC at a 20:1 ratio, respectively, and a placebo on young children with autism. For a span of 12 weeks, 150 participants received either the extract or the placebo, “followed by a four-week washout and predetermined cross-over for another 12 weeks to further assess tolerability.” Disruptive behavior on the “Clinical Global Impression-Improvement” scale was either much or very much improved in 49 percent of participants who took whole-plant extract compared with 21 percent who took the placebo. This could mean that cannabinoid treatment has the…

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@Bill68285439 @HIGH_TIMES_Mag and @TariqBilavin I used opioid drugs for five years now opioid free thanks to marijuana. @bloodravenlib @HIGH_TIMES_Mag In things I did not know I needed…until now. Heck, I do not even smoke, but I do collect card decks, so this [Puff, Puff, Pass card game] could be an interesting addition to the collection. @Adondriel @CriswellWJ and @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag Just looked it up, they don’t allow personal growing for medical [in Kansas], though the newest proposed bill for recreational mj has an allotment for 6 plants if it passes. @K_rando_ @Cliffor18175753 and @HIGH_TIMES_Mag [Idaho’s constitutional amendment to ban cannabis] will go before the voters where a simple majority pass or reject. I live in Idaho. Lots of Mormons who enjoy personal freedom and individual liberty unless it’s your personal freedom and individual liberty. @CfCDeclaration @centerinventor1 @tweetabird1…

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well and good

It wasn’t that long ago when society as a whole scoffed at the notion that marijuana had legitimate medical properties. After all, how could weed have medical value? It was a drug being used by hippies, stoners, thugs and troubled youth, according to leaders during the “Just Say No” era. Fast-forward to 2021—the tide has turned, and although there are still many who consume pot for recreational purposes, it appears that cannabis in all of its many forms can promote health and wellness in some way—whether we acknowledge it or not. Regardless of whether it’s your intention to do so, your cannabis consumption is improving your health. There is no denying now that cannabis is saving lives, treating debilitating symptoms and improving experiences. These compelling stories are arming us with a plethora…

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DEAR MAMA Seeing as Mother’s Day is coming up soon, I just wanted to shout out to the moms out there who are fighting to get their kids some legal medical cannabis. (Dads too, of course, but the media tend to cover moms’ stories a lot more.) I have read plenty of articles that talk about these parents going to bat for their kids’ health—like the British mom whose kid’s medical cannabis is being disrupted due to Brexit taking effect. It takes some real dedication to get your voice heard about that stuff, not to mention some of the negative feedback they endure from family or friends who may not support their efforts. My mom loves me, but I don’t think she’d go out of her way to advocate for medical…

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from boots to buds

Hello, my fellow veterans, High Times readers and supporters. Welcome back to the “Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles.” This month, I’m very excited to bring you an amazing story about a special combat veteran and cannabis advocate named Elton Avelar. This man served his country proudly in the US Army during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and is also the proud father of two. Avelar is the founder of the veterans-only organization in Washington State called Boots 2 Buds (B2B). Let me tell you, these veterans are doing very big things for veteran growers all over the United States. Avelar and I first crossed paths when he attended one of our Twenty22Many Safe Access Markets for veterans and patients. He and a few of his veteran brothers came through our back door with dozens…

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joint statement

The momentum of progress in federal cannabis legislation is accelerating exponentially as a narrow window of opportunity opens. Within weeks after the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden, three top Democratic senators pledged their commitment to ending cannabis prohibition with a sense of urgency to approve legislation already in motion. On February 1, Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) issued a joint statement, committing to getting the work done by pushing cannabis-reform legislation in the 117th Congress. It will begin with a draft discussion bill to map out the best ways to move forward. “The War on Drugs has been a war on people—particularly people of color,” the three senators wrote. “Ending the federal marijuana prohibition is necessary to right the wrongs of this failed war and…