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Holiday Crafts magazine contains inspiring holiday craft projects using a wide array of techniques for all skill levels. A balance of autumn, Halloween, and Christmas projects, it includes tested step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos that make every featured idea a can-do project. This magazine is a must-have for every crafter to prepare for the holiday season!

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Happy Holidays! Get your crafts supplies organized—it’s time to start Halloween and Christmas crafts! In this issue of Holiday Crafts magazine, you’ll find something—wreaths, ornaments, pillows, and much more—for every room in your home and everyone on your shopping list. It’s so heartwarming when you receive appreciation for your handmade gifts or decor. Like you, I’ve picked out a few projects I’ll be making to give others and ones for myself. I’ll try hard not to start my favorites first! We’re crafters in our office, and we see all the trends in the crafting world. That enables us to select the best projects to share with you. The instructions are scrutinized—sometimes even tested—until we’re confident they’re accurate and easy to understand. When you start your holiday projects, you can be assured there won’t…

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bewitching decor

PLUMP OFF THE VINE With a stash of black and orange bandannas and some hearty twigs, you can harvest a whole pumpkin patch of darling plump gourds. They’re a cinch to sew and make great embellishments in a Halloween centerpiece or sprinkled around in decorative vignettes. Designer: SARAH RAMBERG PLUMP OFF THE VINE MATERIALS Bandanna: orange or black Sewing thread: black Needles: sewing, and doll or embroidery Polyester fiberfill Twig Hot-glue gun and glue sticks Embroidery floss: black, orange, or white INSTRUCTIONS Wash and dry the bandanna to soften the fabric. Cut out a 7 × 14-inch rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half crosswise with right sides together. Using a 1/4 -inch seam allowance, sew together the edges opposite the fold to form a tube. Sew a gathering stitch 1/2 inch from edge around one open end of tube. Pull thread tightly to close opening;…

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down-home charm

FEATHERS OF GOOD FORTUNE Legend says a cardinal tucked within the boughs of a Christmas tree brings happiness, health, and prosperity to the household. Craft this plump songbird from vibrant red wool roving and your home will soon be blessed. Designer: LIA GRIFFITH FEATHERS OF GOOD FORTUNE MATERIALS 3-inch foam egg (such as FloraCraft) Wool roving: red Felting needle 20-gauge floral stem wire Needle-nose pliers Crafts glue Ball-head straight pins: 2 black Felt: 2 shades of red, orange, black Hot-glue gun and glue sticks INSTRUCTIONS Make the Body and Head Using the heel of your hand, smash opposite sides of foam egg to form a teardrop-shape body. Pull off a tuft of red wool roving and wrap around body. Needle-felt body. Pull off a small tuft of red wool roving and shape into a 1/4 - to 1 1/2 -inch ball for the head. Gently loosen a…

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frosty friends

ALL IN THE FAMILY Imagine wintertime fun with a snowman as your dad! This snow-frolicking pair forms a wonderful, family-friendly holiday scene. Shape aluminum foil into basic skeletons to build the clay figures, then have fun embellishing them with paint, fabric, and miniature accessories. Designer: NANCY MALAY ALL IN THE FAMILY MATERIALS 18-inch roll of aluminum foil Toothpicks Crafts glue Air-dry clay (such as Creative Paperclay) Oven-bake polymer clay: black Fine-grit sandpaper Acrylic paint: off-white, red, black, orange, pink, brown Artists brushes Clear acrylic spray finish: matte Marking pen: white Felt: black and red Fabric glue (such as Fabri-Tac) Scraps of ribbon: red and black Miniature artificial greenery and berries Miniature belt buckle Scraps of white faux-fur fabric Scraps of knit fabric: red and red-and-white stripe Imitation snow medium (such as DecoArt Snow-Tex) Decoupage medium (such as Mod Podge) Mica flakes Miniature metal pail Miniature sled INSTRUCTIONS Make the Snowman Armature Tear off several 12×18-inch pieces of foil for…

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nordic cheer

ÇFRAME OF REFERENCE Set a pretty backdrop for your holiday buffet with this color-coordinated display. A red-painted frame sets off this ivory wreath crafted from felt flowers, while deer-motif felt pouches make darling party favors. FRAME OF REFERENCE: WREATH MATERIALS Wool felt: ivory Felt glue (such as Beacon’s Felt Glue) Embroidery floss: ivory Small wooden beads Sewing needle Sewing thread: ivory Corrugated cardboard Felted wool balls: ivory INSTRUCTIONS Trace patterns in Pattern Pack onto white paper; cut out. Note: Each set of instructions, below, makes one flower. Repeat instructions for the number of flowers desired. Trace patterns and cut all pieces from ivory felt. Our wreath has one each small, medium, and large poinsettia; four large roses; four small roses; and two carnations. For a medium poinsettia, cut seven small petals. Arrange petals in a flower shape; glue together using felt glue. Let dry. Using…