BH&G Holiday Crafts 2018

Holiday Crafts magazine contains inspiring holiday craft projects using a wide array of techniques for all skill levels. A balance of autumn, Halloween, and Christmas projects, it includes tested step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos that make every featured idea a can-do project. This magazine is a must-have for every crafter to prepare for the holiday season!

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from the editor

Beautifully wrapped packages filled with Christmas crafts surround your Christmas tree hung with wonderful handmade ornaments. Obviously, you’re an avid Holiday Crafts magazine reader! You’ll love this year’s issue, full of stockings, pillows, wreaths, and much, much more for you to craft, paint, or sew. There’s something for every room in your home and everyone on your shopping list. You’ll find it so heartwarming when you receive appreciation for your handmade gifts or decor. We’re crafters in our office, and because we see all the latest, most creative trends in the crafting world, we’re able to select the best projects to share with you. The instructions are scrutinized—even tested—until we’re confident they’re accurate and easy to understand. When you start your holiday projects, you can be assured the result will be…

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kooky & spooky

More Than A Pretty Face MATERIALS ◻ Clean and dry cannonball gourds ◻ Drill and drill bits ◻ Industrial-strength glue (such as E6000) ◻ 2—6- to 7-inch-long twisted branches ◻ Americana acrylic paint: Warm White, Cadmium Orange, Spiced Pumpkin, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Hauser Light Green, Raw Umber ◻ Assorted artists brushes ◻ Tracing paper ◻ Transfer paper: white ◻ Dried-up ballpoint pen ◻ White chalk pencil (optional) ◻ Matte spray varnish PREPARE THE GOURDS Using a small drill bit, slowly drill a hole through the top of each gourd. Gradually switch to larger bits until each hole is large enough to accommodate a branch. The end of a branch should fit snugly in each hole. Apply industrial-strength glue in the holes and insert branches. Let dry at least 24 hours. Paint gourds using Warm White; let dry. Paint each gourd using two or three coats…

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christmas whimsy

Downhill Fun MATERIALS ◻ 2— 13/16-inch-long wooden ladybug splits (mittens) ◻ 2—1-inch-long wooden ladybug splits (shoes) ◻ Small drill with small drill bits ◻ 2 bamboo skewers ◻ 1 3/4×1-inch wooden egg (head) ◻ Glue: wood, fabric, crafts ◻ 2-inch wooden ball with one flat edge (body) ◻ Assorted artists brushes ◻ Acrylic paint: red, burgundy, black, desired flesh color, cream, pink, green ◻ 5— 1/4-inch pom-poms: white ◻ Fine-tip permanent marking pens: black and brown ◻ Red color pencil ◻ Clear acrylic spray finish: matte ◻ Clear glitter ◻ Miniature knit hat: red ◻ Chenille stems: white and bumpy red ◻ 2 1/2×6-inch wooden sled ◻ Hot-glue gun and glue sticks ◻ Miniature deer figurine ◻ Wooden cubes: 2— 1/2 inch, 1— 3/4 inch ◻ 2— 3/4-inch-diameter snowflake sequins ◻ Mica flakes ◻ 1×6-inch felted wool strip (Santa’s scarf) ◻ 1/2×5-inch felted wool strip (deer’s scarf) ◻ Mini bottle-brush tree ASSEMBLE THE BODY Using a drill bit…

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into the woods

Twinkling Wreath MATERIALS ◻ 1×4 boards cut into four 20-inch lengths ◻ 1×2 boards cut into two 11-inch lengths ◻ Wood glue ◻ Clamps ◻ Nail gun and 2-inch brads ◻ Wood stain (optional) ◻ 1 1/2-inch-wide paintbrush ◻ Fine-grit sandpaper ◻ Tracing paper ◻ Transfer paper ◻ Dried-up ballpoint pen ◻ Acrylic paint: white, black, dark green, light green, red ◻ Assorted artists brushes ◻ Drill and drill bits ◻ Battery-operated mini light set with 10 lights ◻ Staple gun ◻ Adhesive-backed hook-and-loop tape (such as Velcro brand) ◻ D ring picture hanger ASSEMBLE THE SIGN Glue four 20-inch-long 1×4s side by side using wood glue. Clamp the boards together; let dry. Nail an 11-inch-long 1×2 across back of assembled 1×4s, positioning the crosspiece about 2 inches from the top edge with a narrow edge against the 1×4s. Nail a second 1×2 crosspiece 2 inches from the bottom edge. Dip a…

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festive fancies

KEEP THE SCENE SIMPLE OR EMBELLISH IT WITH a sprig of greenery TUCKED INTO THE BOW OR GLUED TO THE EMBROIDERY HOOP. Deerly Beloved MATERIALS ◻ 6-inch square of cotton fabric: white ◻ Water-soluble pencil ◻ 4-inch round wooden embroidery hoop ◻ Embroidery floss: red, brown, black ◻ Embroidery needle ◻ Crafts glue ◻ Red rope trim Using a light box or sunny window and a sharp water-soluble pencil, center and trace the pattern in Pattern Pack onto the white fabric square. Center design in embroidery hoop, pulling fabric taut; tighten screw. Go to page 110 or to see stitch diagrams. Using three strands of red embroidery floss, use stem stitches to stitch the reindeer head. Using three strands of brown, stem-stitch the antlers, beginning at the top of the head and stitching to the tip of each tine. Cut…

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sparkly charmers

Tasty Temptations MATERIALS ◻ Wool felt: tan and cream ◻ Sewing thread: cream ◻ Needles: sewing and beading ◻ Size 10/0 or 11/0 seed beads: assorted colors ◻ Embroidery floss: brown ◻ Polyester fiberfill ◻ Perle cotton: brown Trace patterns in Pattern Pack onto white paper; cut out. Trace each icing pattern once onto cream felt and each cookie pattern twice onto tan felt; cut out shapes. Pin each cream icing shape onto a corresponding tan cookie shape. Using cream sewing thread, topstitch around edges of each icing shape. Using a beading needle and stitching through each bead twice, attach seed beads randomly over icing on each cookie top. Go to page 110 or for stitch diagrams. Using brown embroidery floss, blanket-stitch a matching cookie shape to each cookie top, leaving a small opening along one edge for stuffing. Using…