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House and Garden February 2018

House & Garden unlocks the door to an array of unique homes and outdoor features, ranging from town houses and converted barns to fabulous modern apartments and island retreats. Outdoor features are equally varied, including cottage gardens, water gardens and chic, city courtyards. House & Garden provides an invaluable sourcebook of ideas, from design and decoration to the best of travel, delicious recipes and fine wine. Britain’s most glamorous, inspiring and influential design and decoration magazine.

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STEPHANIE DRAX Travel writer Stephanie Drax’s first travel writing opportunity took her on a luxury safari to South Africa – so it is hardly surprising that she was instantly hooked. Firmly ‘nestled into the niche of luxury travel’, Stephanie writes and edits for various publications, as well as running VisionAir Films, a production company that creates city guides. Watching the sun set over Mount Fuji has cemented Japan as a firm favourite with Stephanie, who says she was ‘bowled over by the customs, courtesies and deeply dignified characters’. Currently top of her travel wish list is trekking in Bhutan; in the meantime, read about her experience of a specialist wine holiday on page 140. When not travelling, Stephanie likes her London home ‘minimalist and calm, but with a splash of colour’. Three things…

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from the editor

We’ve got to be able to make mistakes. If we don’t, we haven’t pushed ourselves.’ It is a generally accepted truth (if not a much publicised one) that commissioning an interior designer or architect will not make your project immune to error – and amen to that! How can one possibly be original without making the odd blunder? Tempting as it may be to fall back on tried and tested formulas, they will never result in a house that has pushed any boundaries. The opening quote was a comment made to the architect William Smalley by his client. He had just taken on the remodelling and design of what is now a restrained and quietly beautiful family house in London (pages 86–95). William found her attitude reassuringly enlightened and it formed…

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on my radar

We featured the house of Belgian artist ISABELLE DE BORCHGRAVE in our April 2015 issue, and I was reminded again recently of her brilliant work with paper, such as this elaborate light. ALIDAD’s apartment in Mayfair is a warm and wonderful testimony to his skill as a decorator, so what could be nicer than to spend a day with the man himself in his home, learning his design secrets? The good news is you can. Visit to find out how. We are all in love with the eighteenthcentury cotton prints from French fabric house LE MANACH and now you can go the whole hog with its wallpaper, too – launching in January. Good STRIPES should be everywhere, but for some reason, as soon as you want one, they’re impossible to…