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In The Moment November 2019

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In the Moment is a beautiful, practical lifestyle magazine for the modern-thinking creative woman. You can expect practical creative projects to do today, positive features and stories to inspire, adventures near and far for a healthy body and mind, and ideas that embrace every aspect of women's lives: friends, family, self, work, rest and play! It has a sense of community and fun, and you will be informed and entertained by knowledgeable experts and humourous columnists. With content covering wellbeing, creating, living and escaping, its monthly publication will reflect latest trends and encourage you to make the most of every day by living 'In the Moment'.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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a path to happiness

This month, we are exploring the theme of freedom – the freedom to be ourselves, to feel comfortable in our bodies, to express ourselves physically and creatively; the freedom to be spontaneous and say ‘yes!’ to new and unexpected experiences – and the freedom to say no when we need to slow down and give ourselves a rest. In our busy lives, where the demands on our time often outweigh the time we have to give, it can be hard to step back and own these freedoms, yet they are surely a path to a happier self. It seems to me that, as individuals, some of these freedoms come naturally to us, and others we are required to work at. Creative freedom I embrace with ease – recipes, sewing patterns and…

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take it easy

DID YOU KNOW? An oral spray delivers vitamins directly into your bloodstream, rather than relying on your digestive system to process them. Busy lifestyles, changing diets and less time outdoors, perhaps it’s no wonder that our bodies are feeling deprived of the nutrients we need to live our best life. But thankfully, there’s help out there in the shape of BetterYou, an innovative natural health company that’s been breaking new ground in the field of supplements since 2006. BetterYou, working in conjunction with the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research Team at Cardiff University, has developed a highly effective way to take supplements – that doesn’t rely on the digestive process to ensure they get to work. Instead, the British company’s range of oral sprays are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the inner cheek. PILL-FREE…

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behind the scenes

1 SUZY READING A mother-of-two, chartered psychologist, yoga teacher and health coach, Suzy specialises in self-care, helping people manage their stress, emotions and energy. You can join Suzy’s wellbeing community at suzyreading.co.uk Suzy shows us how to adapt our self-care rituals for winter on page 20 2 CLAIRE MUNNINGS Claire is a health and wellbeing journalist interested in women’s issues. She enjoys writing about ways that we can reconnect with our bodies and live more mindfully. Claire explores the joy to be found in spontaneity on page 39 3 CHRISTINE LIU Finding more eco-friendly ways to navigate life is Christine's passion. Read her ideas for a more pared back lifestyle at simplybychristine.com Christine shares how she uses minimalism to stay present on page 78 4 KATIE ANTONIOU Katie is a British writer living in California. She has narcolepsy, a husband,…

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your thoughts…

Seasonal serendipity The other day I was talking with my husband about how I couldn’t wait for autumn (our favourite time of year) and that I was looking forward to seeing all the trees change colour, and who would have thought that the same day I would get my next issue of In The Moment, and what’s on the front cover? Autumn trees! Might I also add the 2020 diary was a lovely treat – I can’t wait to use it next year! Hayley, via Instagram Sharing is caring I’m a subscriber to In The Moment and have never enjoyed a mag so much. I love to keep each edition and refer back to the articles or re-read issues when I can. I often recommend it to clients and colleagues – I’m a massage therapist…

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good news*

Wear and share We love perusing the rails in a thrift shop for some preloved pieces to add to our wardrobes, but if your local doesn’t suit your style then it might be time to head online. A new collection of clothing e-retailers is carefully curating and categorising their secondhand garms, making for a quick and easy-to-use online shopping experience (no mindless scrolling) – without the fast fashion pricetag for our pursestrings or the environment. Try Patatam, who offer women’s and children’s clothes in excellent condition, as well as an option to sell your former faves to them to be worn and loved again. Patatam.co.uk Woofs of wisdom You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s never too late for us to pick up a learning or two from our furry…

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oh happy days

1 Experiment in the kitchen. World Vegan Day is back on 1st November and it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy something new for dinner. Try swapping chicken for tinned jackfruit to add a sweet, smoky vibe to your meals, and embrace the opportunity to discover new recipes. 2 Spend a night at a museum. Across various weekends in November, museums, galleries and heritage sites across the UK will open their doors for exciting evening events and unforgettable night-time displays. museumsatnight.org.uk 3 Buy nothing. Friday 29th November (also known as Black Friday) has a new message: avoid the stress of pre-Christmas sales and challenge yourself to buy nothing for 24 hours, taking the time to appreciate what you have already. buynothingday.co.uk 4 Take a breather with a brew. With the festive season approaching, Pukka’s…