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November 2019

Exclusive galleries packs of sexy models, topless, and nudes. Also some hot narrations, and themes for men like sexual medicine, cars and liquors.

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1950s chevrolet deluxe

Mr Enrique shows us this beautiful 1950s Chevrolet DeLuxe, thoroughly renovated and ready for the road. This car has a great history, came to Colombia directly from the factory in Detroit, where it was used by a successful French merchant, even this beautiful car has stories about its conquests to beautiful women of the time. Its owner, died leaving an immense fortune to his heirs, however this car was abandoned for 50 years, he lived rats and other rodents, until one day a client of Mr. Leyton, bought it to take it to his workshop and that will start the magic. It was a detailed and handmade task, which took more than 24 months, to leave the car as it left the factory. Now you can enjoy some important images of this classic…

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sexuality how to last longer in bed, part ii.

Continuing with the monthly deliveries, to last longer in bed, we add to the recommendations in past editions, a technique that basically serves to strengthen the pelvic muscle, responsible for generating support. Dr. Arnold Kegel, who developed them for his patients in the 1940s as a method to control urinary incontinence. His article was published in 1948. Guided by women's multiple circumstances, it was discovered that his practice strengthens the pelvic musculature of men as well. Generous discovery focused directly to the capacity of resistance of the masculine orgasms, since this muscle is in charge of generating resistance. However, let's go in order:Kegel created some very easy, morning practice exercises, which you can do at work, or the car, or wherever, consists of the following:To squeeze the pelvic muscle for a lapse, then…

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sex with robots

Wow looks like it's out of a movie, but it doesn't. Maybe soon in the red light district of your city you will find this great innovation. The virtual reality that these modern devices are endowed with is such that you must negotiate their price, they are programmed to seduce you, and you can even choose between virgin robots -wtf-, some very similar to porn stars, even to Hollywood stars. Unicole Unicron is the first of these robogirls, who opened a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of opening the world's first brothel with sexual robots he plans to open in Los Angeles California, under the name Eve's Robot Dreams. Basically the robogirls of this brothel are RealDoll X sexual robots, completely customized, and stylized for the success of the brothel.The planning is simple,…