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Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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Ladies and gentlemen, rev up your engines, because we’re approaching the starting line of the 2019 moto issue. From Harleys, to Cadillacs, to 18-wheelers, we’re celebrating the best, boldest, and most badass industry figures from every pocket of the globe. And of course, we cannot forget the tattooed babess, whose curves atop an old school chopper make our engines roar. It’s our honor to introduce one beauty in particular to the pages of INKED, our 2018 cover girl contest winner Brooklyn St Patrick. Brooklyn beat out thousands of other tattooed women for the top slot and she’s making her debut alongside the other contest finalists in a seductive centerfold spread. From beauty to brawn, NBA Denver Nuggets’ point guard, Isaiah Thomas, takes center court and shares going from the draft’s last pick…

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THE CANNABIS ISSUE “After years of Julia Michaels being a behind-the-scenes songwriter, seeing her thrive being on the frontlines… and the cover of INKED magazine, is amazing. Inner Monologue has saved my life, and hearing the inside exclusive with her has solidifed my love for her even futher. Hearing about Julia's tattoos is such a treat, and an intimate part of celebrities that fans don't usually get to be a part of. That's where INKED comes in. Keep it up." —Stacy Ivanov— Davenport, IA. facebook TOMMY CHONG Pete Wilson— Laughed out loud through the Tommy Chong feature! To hear my comedy idol recall his time on That 70s Show and his favorite celebrity smoke-sessions was so, so cool. Thanks HAWAII MIKE Stephanie Barnes— I have GOT to spring clean all the recipe books in my kitchen…

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strike oil

In 1988, David Uhl purchased his first motorcycle and 30 years later, he’s created hundreds of oil paintings for Harley-Davidson. Pulling inspiration from bikes past and present, Uhl captures the spirit of the open road with each careful stroke. Uhl takes black-and-white photographs, some of which haven’t seen the light of day for decades, and brings them back to life on canvas. His timeless approach to artistic application blended with an all-American composition makes the work of David Uhl stand the test of time, in more ways than one. How did purchasing your first bike in 1988 inspire you to start creating paintings featuring motorcycles? I can remember loving the feeling of acceleration more than anything. If there was something that ignited any artistic inspirational thoughts, it would have been being exposed…

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lucy spraggan

Lucy Spraggan was the first contestant in “X Factor”'s history to score a Top 40 single, and independently-released album, “Top Room At The Zoo,” before the live shows even aired. This unprecedented success for the folk-pop singer has led to three Top 20 albums in the UK — two of which were self-released. Before turning to music and after having her leg crushed as a demolition operator by 1.4 tons of slate from a cherry picker crane, Spraggan originally planned to become a firefighter. A former magician and self-proclaimed “bike purist,” Spraggan grew up listening to Dolly Parton and Joni Mitchell, but also Blackalicious and Tupac. The four-time UK Top 40 artist just released her fifth full-length album, “Today Was A Good Day,” via Cooking Vinyl Records. Spraggan and her wife,…

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blayze williams

Less than one in five truck drivers in Australia are under 30. Only 3% are female. Blayze Williams, part glamour model, part horse-racing competition winner, stands out among the minority with blonde hair, blue eyes and an immutable ambition for pushing her limits. As Williams says, “Anytime I do something, I just go flat-out in it.” Whether it be bouncers who don't believe her trucking license is real, or pushing for female uniforms, the tattooed 26-year-old, 22-wheel driver is making changes in the Australian trucking industry. What was your first drive like vs. now being able to breeze through a drive from South Australia to New South Wales? I sort of “bunny hopped” the prime mover around, because I’m short, I can’t always reach everything properly. I was pretty useless at first.…

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dave delzio

How did you get your start in nightlife? I started working at the Limelight, I want to say that was 1993. I started promoting parties and doing things over there. How would you describe New York City nightlife? It’s definitely changed over the years. When I started, it was definitely more big-club oriented. You had clubs like Club USA, the Limelight, Palladium — people were going for that. I feel that now, nightlife is more promoter-driven and about table service. It’s getting back to a club level with the EDM movement, but the whole scene has changed. New York went from big-club level stuff to more bottle service, loungey experiences. Now nightlife is moving into luxury hotels with rooftops and clubs that are really putting in an effort to make a nice environment…