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So, according to magazine tropes, my January editor’s letter should be all about the new year (new you? Nah, I’m stuck with the old one for now). But, as I sit here, still firmly ensconced in 2019, I’m thinking more about the cast and crew who put this “production” together 12 times a year (and then there’s the Internet, but you’ve heard of that). One of my greatest kicks when we are finalizing a layout featuring someone I know is to send that person a little video of what we’re up to. For example, the too-chic-to-speak Sarah Paulson, of this month’s Her Best Ever (p. 36), received a dispatch of editor Jen Ferrise and designer Mariya Ivankovitser working on her page. Model and writer Caroline de Maigret saw her story,…

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What Will You Leave Behind in 2019? “Sizes 6 and 8, depending on the brand.”ANA GASTEYER Actress and Singer, “New Year, Same Me,” p. 40“I initially thought ‘more of my jawline’ or ‘pulling off rompers.’ But my actual answer is: We assisted 600,000 people last year. I hope, someday, we can put war behind us.”DR. SAMANTHA NUTT Physician and Founder of War Child Canada and War Child USA, “The Good Doctor,” p. 42“I’m taking it all with me, for better or worse. The tough stuff gives me perspective on the good.”LEIGH BELZ RAY Writer and Editor, “All for One,” p. 71“Overthinking, overtalking, and these shorts.”ROBBIE FIMMANO Photographer, “All for One,” p. 71“Distractions when I’m with my loved ones. I want 2020 to be full of phone-free hangs with all the incredible…

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the cover

In their new film, Like a Boss, Salma Hayek Pinault’s competitive cosmetics mogul squares off against entrepreneurial BFFs, played by Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish. For our shoot, though, the trio took an “all for one” approach as the Three Musketeers. On location at the 103-year-old Glynallyn castle in Morristown, N.J., they dramatically wielded swords, toasted with gilded goblets, and rode horses around the vast property. They kept things light between shots, dancing to ’90s hip-hop in opulent looks from Givenchy, Gucci, and Versace. As the throwback adventure came to an end, we asked our cover stars to turn their attention to the future. Behold, their 2020 essentials. SALMA’S PICKS ROSE’S PICKS TIFFANY’S PICKS See behind-the-scenes video from our cover shoot at…

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the start: the news in style

MIX MASTER Last fall third-generation designer Margherita Maccapani Missoni débuted as creative director of her family’s M Missoni label. Her first move? Reinventing the Italian brand’s free-spirited aesthetic with upcycled materials and bold archival prints. NEW LABEL ALERT Prasi Founded by two friends from Rio de Janeiro, the fine-jewelry up-and-comer brilliantly blends time-honored Italian craftsmanship with Brazilian modernist design. Super Visor Star-favorite eyewear line Westward Leaning (Gigi Hadid and Katie Holmes are both fans) débuts sleek ski goggles for the street-style set, complete with a fleece-lined interior and two lens options you can swap out depending on how bright it is on the slopes. Creature Features In this playful capsule collection Loewe pays homage to 19th-century designer and ceramist William De Morgan, best known for his fanciful floral and faunal motifs. It’s the perfect excuse to swing by…

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2020 vision

Roxane Gay on Feminism I hope to see more nuanced discussions about the biggest issues facing women today, like equal pay, universal health care, and subsidized childcare. I also want to see our first female president. America is ready for a competent president, and women are just as capable as men. I hope we get to a place where we’re really just looking at the best candidate and recognizing that women are part of the pack of people who are the best candidates. I am deeply encouraged by Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. I don’t have to agree with someone entirely to think they’re awesome. I’m also excited by all the women running for Congress and other public offices who historically might not have run. I’m inspired by the way that…

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on demand: what we can’t stop thinking about this month

All Stars These bright and sporty extras are in a league of their own.…