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Oh, man, that feeling. Those perfect, clear, sunny days when the warmth hits your shoulders and the glare is too much for your eyes. Remember those? Well, they’re back—just skewed a little differently. I went to the doctor last week for a COVID-19 antibody test. (Negative! Curses!) She did the usual blood work, called me a few days later, and told me I was deficient in vitamin D. I greeted this—as we all would—with a long, hollow laugh after having spent two full months inside my apartment like a slowly wilting flower. That said, yesterday I took myself off to Central Park to get some of that precious vitamin D. I sat on a rock by the lake, watched some ducks, felt that bright warmth on my shoulders, and covered…

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Just when I thought pink was on [its] way out of my brain, bam Some images from my current inspiration wall next to the new @instylemagazine, with the always mesmerizing @ladygaga. —@DANIELLE.NICOLE.ARMSTRONG @ladygaga is always one step ahead of everyone —@HOWHEARTTHOU ISOLATION INSPIRATION I’ve been a huge fan of your magazine for years. During this quarantine, it has provided a respite. I’m inspired by InStyle to create visual interest through fashion. Thank you for this great issue! —ROBIN J. CARRILLO, Orlando, Fla. MINI MONSTER My #littlemonster found my @InStyle mag & [said]-Who is this? She is so cool! Me: @ladygaga she sings our fav song The Cure! Liv-I want her to be my mom! So…next best thing was to dress her up as Lady Gaga! Now she keeps asking if we can go to Gaga’s house&play! Meet…

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What Is Your Favorite Summer Memory? “When I spent three days with 12 of my closest girlfriends at a mountain cabin in Utah.”1. TAN FRANCE“Riding on a float for World Pride and going to a Florence and the Machine concert where [Florence Welch] sang in my face.”2. JONATHAN VAN NESS“Filming Season 1 of Queer Eye in Atlanta and going to the park or the bars before people knew who we were.”3. KARAMO BROWN“My first summer in New York, when I was in theater school and had no money, I saved up for an amazing meal at Roberta’s in Bushwick.”4. ANTONI POROWSKI“Anytime I’m filming with the boys.”5. BOBBY BERKFab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye, “Queerantine,” p. 86“As a kid, I would crush cherry blossoms in a cup with water and try to…

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the cover

A cover shoot in quarantine is unlike any other. So, without any InStyle staff, glam team, or professional photographer on set, Alicia Keys recruited her family—husband Swizz Beatz and sons Egypt, 9, and Genesis, 5—to get the job done. She threw her hair into a casual bun and steamed her ready-to-wear options on a Saturday morning, ultimately choosing colorful looks from Chanel, Fendi, and Givenchy, as her family members took turns behind the lens. Between shots, the musician made pancakes for her hardworking mini-assistants and consulted with her trusted stylist, Jason Bolden, about her ensembles. “It was a full-on family photo shoot, and everybody had a part to play,” said Bolden, who was on FaceTime and texting with Keys throughout the morning. “Alicia wanted to make it feel normal and…

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the start: the news in style

GET THAT BREAD Named for a French bakery favorite, Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag has been in high demand for over two decades. This season the style feels fresher than ever in just the right ivory-and-black combination to set off an evening look—even if you’re wearing it only to FaceTime your friends. Stepping It Up Danish designer Cecilie Bahnsen partners with mega-chain Charles & Keith to create a few of the coolest mary-jane flats you’ll ever encounter. Our favorite details? Quilted satin fabric and chunky square buckles. CLOSET CLASSIC Tove Consider this London-based label your source for non-boring wardrobe staples. Crafted from textured silk and organic cotton, the styles are simple yet sophisticated enough for a special occasion. Luxe Launch Meet Bobby, an elegant new Dior bag with the best backstory: The design is named after a beloved dog…

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the look

Sweat It Out While the world spent this past spring in loungewear, these celebrities and models—starting with runway star Winnie Harlow—took the look to another level. The lesson? Quarantine is temporary, but style is eternal. “My mentality for getting dressed right now: If it’s clean and comfy, I’m going to put that bad boy on!”—TAYLOR HILL“Designed by my Aussie pal Pip Edwards, this P.E Nation sweatsuit is one of the most comfortable items of clothing I own.”—KATE BOSWORTH“My quarantine wardrobe is all about being cozy. Every morning I feel for the softest pieces in my closet and pull those out.”—HELENA CHRISTENSEN…