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MORE WITH JEN Jennifer Aniston dishes on the hairstyles she won’t wear again and how she really feels in front of the camera. WORKING IT Suit up for the office without looking totally drab or spending your entire paycheck. We’ve got styles for every budget and body type. MONEY MATTERS We’re talking all things finance with our favorite women in Hollywood. Check in every week as stars like Priyanka Chopra, Demi Lovato, and Debi Mazar reveal their biggest splurges, savings tips, and worst cash calamities. MANE CONCERNS What’s the most effective way to combat frizz? How do I find the best cut for my face shape? Which products are right for my texture? We tackle your real-life hair challenges based on data from our very first nationwide study on women’s hair.…

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To promote our September fashion issue, I had a mad idea. I wanted the people we featured—from our cover star, Jennifer Aniston, to 12-year-old L.A.–based skater Vianez Morales—to high-five each other for a special video. (Of course, they couldn’t all do it in person, so sometimes we faked it.) The resulting, er, masterwork represents the spirit of InStyle: Everybody’s in. Nobody is better than anyone else, everyone has something to say, and we’re all happy to be here. (Jen still has the best hair, though: That has been clinically proven.) These are challenging, jarring, divided times, but I want you to know that here we celebrate the good and the glamorous, the inspired and the elegant, and, yes, the badass. (Look no further than Aniston’s newsstand cover and our five special…

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Pool time #southampton2018 #enjoyingthesun #mustread #usinstyle #instylemagazine —@BETTINAVON SCHIMMELMANN BRIGHT SPOT A break from my regularly scheduled political tweets to applaud @InStyle on this @jessicaalba cover; it’s just gorgeous. —@LIZSCZUDLO, via Twitter Obsessed with this #flashdance photo shoot in #instylemagazine with dancer @_dilone pictures are insane! #hairinspiration —@HAIRBY JULESSALON MAKING A STATEMENT The Spring Beauty edition [May] is my favorite issue ever, thanks to Laura Brown’s assurances that InStyle doesn’t promote fur. It’s so exciting that so many compassionate designers, fashion magazines, retailers, and shoppers are speaking out against fur and opting for stylish fur-free options instead! —@HEATHERMOORE Fashionista in training. #fashion #instyle #instylemagazine #zoekravitz #style #youngreader —@MAGDAFROM MAGDASITE BETTER TOGETHER Zoë Kravitz glows on @InStyle [“Zoë,” May]. I squealed when I saw Marisa Tomei is her god-mama #ADifferentWorld —@DRIEDINKPEN, via Twitter 1st of all I’m so diggin all the representation these magazines are giving. It’s…

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AMY ANN ARNOLD, Tulsa, Okla. @straightastyle INSPIRED BY Instant Style: “Point Blanc” (June 2018) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN “White feels so crisp and clean,” says Arnold, who accessorized her eyelet mididress with vibrant pops of pink. TIFFANY M. BATTLE, New York City @tiffanymbattle INSPIRED BY “Gugu Mbatha-Raw Wears Many Hats” (May 2018) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Battle channeled our shoot with Mbatha-Raw by giving a sleek leather turban a try. NASTEHA & NUNI YUSUF, Columbus, Ohio @theyusufs INSPIRED BY Instant Style: “Hot Dots” (July 2017) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN The Yusuf sisters took the polka-dot craze full circle, teaming teensy spots with bold, oversize ones. SHAY SWEENEY, Houston @shaymone INSPIRED BY The Look: “Candy Stripers” (January 2018) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN After admiring Blanchett’s and Gerber’s stripes, Sweeney shopped for a similar lined look. “I was so…

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“Christian Dior dressed me for Meghan Markle’s wedding. I felt 10 feet tall in that suit.” DANIEL MARTIN, MAKEUP ARTIST, p. 206 “A necklace that was my grandma’s. It’s the most treasured thing in my whole life.” IMAAN HAMMAM, MODEL, p. 290 “My Margiela peacoat. It keeps me warm in cold places like New York and always looks chic—like the hair I do.” CHRIS MCMILLAN, HAIRSTYLIST, p. 236 “A vintage YSL dress by Tom Ford that’s a beautiful smoky rose. It’s timeless.” GUCCI WESTMAN, MAKEUP ARTIST, p. 236 “A leopard-print jacket with a blue furry collar from a boutique in Vancouver.” CAMILA MENDES, ACTRESS, p. 144 “My grandma’s vintage dresses or my Burning Man costumes.” MICHELLE MONAGHAN, ACTRESS, p. 208 “My Bagatiba hollow gold hoop earrings. Frida Kahlo, Bo Derek, or J. Lo would all look dope in these, but I own…

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Who would have thought that one of the world’s most famous actresses still gets butterflies before a big shoot? Aniston admitted to as much upon arriving at our set at the iconic Sheats-Goldstein House in Los Angeles. Once she was in front of the camera, though, she proved that her worries were for naught. She posed in a mix of menswear-inspired pieces juxtaposed with lingerie as Beyoncé’s greatest hits blared in the background. Aniston’s only breaks were for lunch (she opted for a premade meal from home) and to indulge in an impromptu photo session with her glam squad, makeup artist Gucci Westman and hairstylist Chris McMillan. Notoriously social media–averse, Aniston proclaimed, “I never take a selfie!” before smiling for a pic, which Westman immediately posted on her Instagram feed…