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Jeanne d'Arc Living

Jeanne d'Arc Living

5th issue 2021

A lifestyle magazine filled with creative DIY ideas, simple recipes, captivating articles and beautiful photography of inspiring homes, vintage flea market décor and crafts, nostalgic European garden designs and flower arrangements – all in the French and Nordic country decorating style.

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dear reader

How well do you actually know the magazine that you’re reading right now? You probably know that this is a Danish lifestyle magazine but did you also know that we’re a private company and that we publish the magazine ourselves? We don’t belong to a big company group. We enjoy producing the magazine and we do most of the work ourselves. We just love furnishing, cooking, laying beautiful tables, making flower bouquets and trying out big and small DIY projects. We do have a couple of trained, professional graphic designers here at the editorial office who are in charge of the lay-out and all the practical stuff, including translation and printing. The photographers that we work with when showing you homes from across the world are also professionals but apart from…

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daily interior design inspiration for you

Get your daily dose of inspiration. On Instagram – jeannedarcliving – you can follow our universe with lots of inspiring pictures of beautiful homes, good ideas, DIY projects, delicious recipes and all our other happenings. We’d love to welcome you!…

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a small piece of heaven

This fantastic summer home is located by the beach of Stillinge close to the town of Slagelse in Denmark. The owner of the house, Lene Lauridsen, owns the store "Livsstilsboheme" and she rents out her summer cottage. The place has become so popular that Lene and her family rarely have a chance to spend time here. Lene inherited the house from her dad, Otto, and named it after him. She’s got lots of wonderful childhood memories from this place and although Lene and her husband, Jan, have carefully renovated it throughout the years, the soul of the house has been maintained. Tip: Go all-in on the decoration items. All these bit and pieces add a personal and cozy feel to the summer cottage. This is a typical, traditional Danish summer cottage with…

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photography class

Foreground is the part of the picture closest to the camera. The background is the part in the back and the middle ground is everything in between. Very often, the most important elements must be placed in the middle ground. Foreground and background are used as "wrapping". The picture of a desk and the picture of a salad bowl: On these pictures, both background and foreground are blurred, guiding the attention to the focal point which is the desk and the salad, respectively, in the middle ground. This effect is called shallow depth of field because focus is on a small area. If all the elements of a pictures are in focus, it’s called great depth of field. A fine line is created in the picture of the salad by creating…

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dainty columbines

In my opinion, columbine is one of the finest plants. It’s an old plant and many of us remember it from our grandparents’ garden many, many years ago. Columbine was forgotten but is now becoming more and more popular again, just like many of the other old plants that are enjoying a comeback. Luckily, it’s back because it’s just so beautiful. It comes in many different shapes, both single and double, and in various colors. Forget all about keeping it under control. Columbines turn up in the most amazing places and they change their colors. They do what they want and they’re perfect for a wild and natural garden – also a current trend. Columbine is a true beauty and the perfect flower. The same is true for the leaves. A…

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summery, light and simple

My name’s Anne-Froukje Mook and I’ve been living in this detached house in Sneek in the Netherlands together with my family for 2 years now. The house is our peaceful and spacious base. Everything is white and this color adds a calm atmosphere. The kitchen is the meeting point for the whole family and the place where things happen. We’ve got enough space for the entire family, friends and not least for our four children who can meet, chat online, eat and drink here. I love cooking and baking with our girls. Once we had decided to move, we took a good look at all our belongings. For some time, I had noticed that full, messy cupboards and things standing around everywhere made me uneasy so when we started packing,…