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March 2020

Lowrider has been dubbed the movement's "bible" by readers worldwide and is considered the source for the latest in everything LOWRIDER!

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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3 minutos
a message to our community

I have served as the editor of Lowrider magazine for just over 13 years, and to be honest, it all seems like a dream. Throughout those years, I have met countless people who have said, “Joe, you’re blessed,” and to that, I couldn’t agree more. It’s been a blessing to serve as your editor, and they’re right because I am blessed to have this opportunity which is a big part as to why I’m still here. As I gather my thoughts, the one thing I am sure of is that I am here to lead by example. It’s always been in my heart to preach the good word, pass on the history, and fight for the preservation and growth of lowriding. As I’ve traveled the nation, I have been blessed to…

1 minutos

EDITORIAL Editor Joe Ray Joe_Ray@motortrend.com Managing Editor/Advertising Coordinator Lorraine Mc Craw Feature Editor Beto Mendoza Web Content Editor Josh Ching Director, Social Media Brandon Scarpelli Social Media Editor Ceso Bagay CONTRIBUTORS Ed Calderon, John Jarasa, Hector Leyva, Corey Ringo ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Design Director Rob Munoz LOWRIDER EVENTS Director, Event Experience Trevor Trumbo Sales/Promotions Manager Martha Carrasco Operations Coordinator, Auto Show Allen Chin ADVERTISING General Manager Rudy Rivas Eastern Sales Director Michael Essex, (863) 860-6023 Western Sales Director Scott Timberlake, (310) 531-5969 Sales Assistant Yvette Frost Advertising Operations Manager Monica Hernandez TEN: PUBLISHING MEDIA, LLC President Kevin Mullan SVP, Editorial & Advertising Operations Amy Diamond General Manager, Automotive Network Tim Foss Senior Director, Finance Catherine Temkin CONSUMER MARKETING, ENTHUSIAST MEDIA SUBSCRIPTION COMPANY, INC. SVP, Circulation Tom Slater VP, Retention & Operations Fulfillment Donald T. Robinson III VP, Acquisition & Database Marketing Victoria Linehan VP, Newsstand Retail Sales William Carter MOTORTREND GROUP President/General Manager Alex Wellen Group SVP, Sales Eric Schwab Head of Operations Jerry…

2 minutos
el sol

Giving your lowrider a nickname is something we all do. It adds a bit of flavor to the process and gives our cars an identity. Call it a ritual, a touch of personalization or downright corny, but it’s a tradition that will continue and perhaps one of the fun parts of building a ride. Long before Rafael Enriquez was building this cover-worthy car, he decided to call his ’62 Impala “El Sol," which translates to “The Sun.” At this point, some would be quick to assume the moniker was derived because of the cars bright yellow color (and its correlation to the bright sun), but it’s not. On the flip side, overthinkers might believe it was named after the most powerful sun god of the late Roman Empire, Sol Invictus, but…

1 minutos
sunny delight

Building lowriders is something Victor Fuentes has been doing for as long as he had access to a car. In fact, the very first car he ever modded was his parents’ ’67 Impala. It was the same vehicle he learned to drive in, and it all started after attending a show in Denver with his brother. The show became a catalyst for his love for lowriding and he’s been at it ever since. After fiddling with the ’67, he graduated to an ’83 Regal and each time he would up the ante and try to improve his skills. By the time the early ’90s rolled around, Victor became a member of Compas Car Club and that’s when he purchased a ’64 Impala from a friend. That car ultimately put his skills…

1 minutos
family tradition

Before leaving to serve our country, Frank Lopez was given the ultimate gift. His father handed him the keys to his white Caprice classic that he purchased new in 1973. This was a car Frank has fond memories of cruising in with his dad, but now it was time for him to give it his own personal touch. Between tours, Frank would spend whatever free time he had to work on the car section by section with his father doing a ton of mods including body mods and custom suspension work (to see the full list visit us online). In all, the transformation took place over the span of 14 years, and while he still considers it to be an ever-evolving project, Frank does hope to one day hand it…

2 minutos
por mi padre

For the most part, our mothers teach us about compassion while our fathers teach us to be men. It’s all a part of adolescence and part of what creates the magical bond between a child and their parents. For Chuck Gonzalez, of Pueblo, Colorado, his father also taught the values of lowriding and classic cars starting with a 1949 Chevy Fleetline Deluxe. Unfortunately, his father passed away before completing his build and it wasn’t until Chuck dug it out of a local hot rod shop that the work continued. Chuck had taken all he had learned and assembled his own team to put the once-abandoned project back into play. It was a process that took some time, but the end result is a bomb that his father would have been proud…