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letter from the editor

Whew, made it! For all of us who lived through the hell of 2020, it’s time to look ahead. Better days are out there, from coast to coast and around the world. In Ecuador a little-known surf town called Mompiche offers warm waters and uncrowded breaks that welcome anyone who tests negative for you-knowwhat 10 days before arrival. It’s the perfect place not just to decompress, but to enjoy the simple pleasures of adventure travel, namely good bars, good food and dirt-cheap massages on the beach. If you’re looking for something more luxe, our Lodge in Place photo feature will transport you to places like the otherworldly outpost in the Kaokoland desert in Namibia, where all manner of exotic game is just outside the “camp,” which just happens to have a deluxe…

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now boarding: ecuador

International surfers have long gravitated to Ecuador for its offff-the-beaten-barrel swells—including the country’s famed central coast hub of Montañita. Far from all that wave traffic on the secluded northern coast is a hideout called Mompiche. “Essentially there are two audiences for surfing in Ecuador—those looking for cheap digs and clubbing in a busy place like Montañita, and ones who appreciate perfect warm waves, fifish grilled by the campfifire on a quiet beach, and the pure joy of surfifing in an authentic environment you rarely see anymore,” says Brian McCutcheon, founder of ROAM, whose eight-day Ecuador Surf Safari is centered in Mompiche. Ecuador’s best left-hand point break, Mompiche is ideal for people wanting to learn or improve on its user-friendly, sand-bottomed waves. “Mompiche offffers such a consistent ride—over 500 yards,” McCutcheon says.…

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ecuador essentials

It’s raw and rugged. But what the Ecuador coast lacks in five-star amenities, it makes up for in a laid-back attitude and lack of crowds. “Selecting a surf destination can be daunting. There are so many incredible ones around the globe,” says Brian McCutcheon, who traveled the world to look at plenty of spots before dropping his Casa Surf operation in Mompiche. MOMPICHE’S APRÈS-SURF SCENE IS DEFINED BY FISH IN COCONUT SAUCE, BEACH FIRES AND CHEAP MASSAGES. “I look for warm waters, uncrowded breaks, and consistent swell. Staying on the beach is best, as it adds to the simplicity of surfing. It’s just you and the ocean, and away you go.” Here’s how we like to do Ecuador. CRASH Upon arrival in the capital city of Quito (population 1.8 million), Casa Surf arranges your transfer from…

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finally… legit tesla rivals emerge

AS FAR as punchlines go, it was a quirky one: $69,420. Delivered by CEO Elon Musk on Oct. 14, that’s the new price of Tesla’s Model S. Whether or not you get the joke depends on how in touch you are with the high-stakes battle currently underway for supremacy in the U.S. electric car market. While the yuks were on-brand—Musk’s humor runs from geeky to subversive to whoopee cushion—the unexpected price cut indicated that, for once, Musk is taking one of Tesla’s rivals seriously. Earlier Lucid Motors had announced its debut, an electric car called the Air, would sell for $69,900 (factoring in a $7,500 federal EV tax credit), at the time undercutting the price of the Model S. With a more luxurious cabin, Lucid claims its base-model Air can cover 406…

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art on the horizon

TWO TYPES OF desert travelers: those who appreciate its austere beauty and those who consider it a necessary evil on the drive to Vegas. Unlike most things in our increasingly binary society, the third presentation of Desert X will appeal to both. Featuring large-scale installations from a roster of international artists, the outdoor art exhibition runs Feb. 6 to April 11 at sites spanning 40 miles across Southern California’s Coachella Valley. Organizers say the exhibition provides artists a rare opportunity to present work at a time when many museums are closed. Works for 2021 weren’t unveiled at press time, but past highlights include a series of billboards displaying images by Chemehuevi Indian artist Cara Romero, whose visceral representations of Indigenous cultural memory and modern experience inspired thousands of roadside selfies.…

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the people’s parks

FACTORIES. Smog. Surveillance. Not things normally associated with backcountry sojourns. But beyond that reality, China also is home to some of the world’s most rugged mountains, vast deserts, and epic sweeps of otherworldly scenery. Since 2015, the country, which is roughly the same size as the United States, has been planning a national parks system with a belated eye toward conserving its natural wonders. After COVID-19 disrupted rollout plans, the government’s ambitious scheme is back on track, with the first of 10 pilot parks to be approved by the end of 2020. Even if a little late, China is coming big to the parks party. According to Chinese sources, the inaugural parks cover a combined 85,000 square miles—about the size of Utah—and span 12 provinces. Su Yang, a researcher with the State…