April - June 2020

The magazine MENOPAUSE encourages women to enjoy their greatest change in life. Together with excellent experts, we give tips, recommendations and insights to accompany this time with numerous recipes for success. The menopause is a challenge, but also a gift to make the second half of life something very special.

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live the goddess in you!

True goddesses are rare! They care about intensity and vitality. They are not afraid of changes in life. Because they know that each change brings new and interesting experiences. The true goddesses have freed themselves from stereotypes and regained the meaning of their lives for a life of freedom, relaxation and lightness. Be wild and mysterious! Know the sources of your power! Love and keep your visions! Know your objectives! Break your strength! Good luck with the biggest change of your life!Hildegard Aman-Habacht…

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goddesses enjoy their journey!

If someone goes on a trip, has a lot to tell! Oh yes, there is always something to report, positive and negative. Especially in the menopause we travel through many circumstances, sometimes through sunshine, sometimes through fog, sometimes even through severe storm. However, we get out of it every time, with new findings, with new experiences, with new sensations. Every one of them enriches us and makes our lives more contrasting. We bring this experience to our lives. With this wisdom, a goddess is looking forward to her journey through the menopause with joy, outgoing and open, without prejudice and optimistic. Let‘s explore life together, let‘s go hand in hand through the sun, rain and fog. We can grow together and make this trip the best of our life. I am glad to…

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experts this issue

HILDEGARD AMAN-HABACHT Expert in menopause, Graduated Body Vital & Spine Trainer, energetic, consultant for menopause retreats, accompanies women through their menopause. SABINE BRUDY Graduated Neurographic trainer, life coach, nurse. She accompanies women in crises to turn thoughts and decisions into opportunities. LILLY-MARIE HOPPE Graduated nurse, medically tested aroma consultant, human energizer, soul channel, mother ABBAS SCHIRMOHAMMADI Holistic practitioner for psychotherapy, high performance coach, mental trainer, author. Assistant to the management and lecturer of the Paracelsus Schools of Natural Remedies. SUSANNE TRÖSTL Fitness and health coach, mental coach, organizer of vital vacations for women in Corfu, author. Accompanies people on the way to holistic health. ALEX BROLL Alternative practitioner, coach & hormone expert for menstrual and menopausal symptoms, holistic hormone coaching. Weekly podcast “Out of the hormone chaos”. GABRIELA HÖPER Trained and certified Pilates trainer, exercise therapist & back…

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lilly-marie hoppe cover girl

Menopause? Me? I have nothing to do with it! I am young, dynamic, can do everything. After all, it is “only” a question of will! With this attitude, I kept working hard, admittedly, with some iron discipline. I have supported my two children in everything, especially my daughter, who had two difficult surgeries at 16 and 17 years, followed by 12 weeks on crutches and a stay of 3 weeks in REHAB, all during her senior years. In addition, of course, a 4-person household was to be managed, with my personal claim of freshly cooked food every day. At the same time, as a former nurse, I also took care of my mother-in-law at home for 1 year because she had a cancer and I also worked in my practice, which I had…

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my way out of the menopause‘s mood lows

Menopause is a challenge for women, after all, there are a lot changes in the body and this also affects the psyche. The ovaries stop producing estrogen and progestogen. The hormones go crazy, the brain tries to counteract them, and the body has to find a new balance. Many women complain of serious physical and emotional complaints. Depression and aggression make life difficult for women. You get into a state of tension. It is important to get rid of this this as quickly as possible. A smart way to do this is to (re) activate the “luck” factor. Question for all women in menopause: Are you currently happy with yourself and your life? Choose a number on a sliding scale from 0 to 10. 0 stands for “absolutely unhappy”, 10 for “super…

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menopower slim and fit during the menopause

The best years are over! I just have to lump it …? STOP! SUCH A NONSENSE!!! Yes, it is true that: During the hormone changeover, between the ages of 45 and 60 years, the metabolism slows down from year to year. In addition, the body breaks down about one percent of muscle tissue each year. In the menopause, we notice a massive change in our body: Suddenly your trousers feel tight, a “lifebuoy” forms around the belly, the “love handles” increases, the back of the upper arm begins to tremble, the pectoralis muscles become flaccid, and the shoulders slowly but surely pull the back into the round position… And unfortunately, all this doesn‘t get better with increasing age! But there are so many ways to stop and reverse this process. Find out below what you can do…